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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

《雷霆掃毒》 "Thunderous Drug Raid" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip


TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 30 episodes long.
- Michael Miu will play Heung Wing (向榮), an Inspector of the Narcotics Bureau (NB) who was previously forced to accept black money. In the end, he sacrifices himself to catch the major drug lord behind the scenes.
- Elaine Ng will play Yu Wing Tung (于詠彤), an Inspector of the Financial Investigation Division. She and Michael are a divorced couple with a six-year-old son.
- Raymond Lam will play Wai Sai Lok (韋世樂), a superior of the Intelligence Division of the NB. He is forthright and slovenly, has a rather abnormal personality, and does things his own way. He is also called 'Happy Sir'.
- Ella Koon will play Ko Hei Suen (高希璇), a cop. She is Elaine's cousin. She is Raymond's subordinate. She will have a crush on Raymond.
- Kate Tsui will play Chan Ka Bik (陳家碧), a drug dealer and a bar fist gamer. In the beginning, she is a girl who does any job (e.g., becoming a fist gamer, selling pirated goods) in order to make money to care for her ill younger brother. She speaks rather crudely because she is not very educated. She will have a romantic storyline with Raymond. Later, because of some unhappy experiences, she will slowly become a drug addict.
- Raymond, Ella, and Kate will be involved in a love triangle.
- MC Jin will play Ng Tak Tim (吳德添), Kate's good friend who has a crush on her. In the end, to get revenge for Kate, he falls to his death.
- Ben Wong will play Poon Hok Lai (潘學禮), a smart and ambitious Senior Inspector of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) who later becomes a Chief Inspector of the Operations Division of the NB. He and Raymond are workplace rivals as well as romantic rivals (i.e., he will pursue Ella, but Ella has a crush on Raymond, while Raymond likes Kate).
- Derek Kwok will play a cop.
- Jazz Lam will play Nin Yau Fu (年有富), a police constable.
- Jack Hui will play a member of the Operations Division of the NB.
- Patrick Dunn will play Raymond and Ben's superior.
- Kayi Cheung will play a member of the Operations Division of the NB. She will have a romantic storyline with Jazz.
- Hugo Wong will play Lee Kei Ching (李紀正), a member of the NB.
- Kirby Lam will play a member of the Financial Investigation Division. She is Elaine's colleague.
- Ho Chun Hin will play Chan Wing Lim (陳永廉), a member of the Financial Investigation Division. He is Elaine's subordinate.
- Bryant Mak will play Kate's younger brother.
- Lily Ho will play a social worker. She is Ben's girlfriend. She is a very good girlfriend, but Ben does not cherish her, and breaks up with her in the end.
- Kitterick Yiu will play a member of the Financial Investigation Division. He is Elaine's colleague.
- Vincent Lam will play a drug dealer. He is a villain.
- Amy Fan will play a singer. She will have a crush on Michael. She will be involved in a love triangle with Michael and Elaine.

Raymond Lam's Tencent Weibo

Raymond Lam's Tencent Weibo

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Ben Wong's Tencent Weibo

Jack Hui's Tencent Weibo

Patrick Dunn's Tencent Weibo

Kayi Cheung's Tencent Weibo

Kayi Cheung's Tencent Weibo

Kitterick Yiu's Tencent Weibo

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Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Highs and Lows".

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Personal Note: Refreshing to see Elaine back in TVB, but have never liked her acting....

Finally, Kate is not playing a cop! :P

This is the second time in which Raymond will be playing a member of the Disciplined Services (he was an ICAC in 2000), but he still does not give off a 'cop' feeling....

Another complicated romantic storyline where A likes B, B likes C, C likes D....

Hope that Ella and Kate keep the bangs look in the actual series! :)

*Credits to www.raymondforest.com, the-sun, headlinedaily, tvb.com, and Weibo


  1. ugh im so sick of katexraymond for once i hope raymond ends up with ella that would be a fresh couple :D yay im so glad ella is back filimg another drama...miss her :p

    1. Raymond and Kate never really were together in any drama although they were lovers in The Four.

      Looking forward to Raymond and Ella. They look fresh and cute. :)

    2. Raymond and Kate only paired up in "The Four".

  2. I want Raymond ends up with Kate!

  3. ella and kate has the same hairstyle..but i think ella looks cuter in it. i think its the face and her eyes. ella's got electrifying eyes.

  4. Kate's lucky this time. TVB is giving her a good role. Her character sounds endearing and layered with personality and her love story with Raymond sounds very interesting. I like the premise and sound of the plot. Two people from different backgrounds and world in love with each other.

    Ella's role sounds flatter just another cop who crushes on Raymond. I hope it won't be too boring. I like Ella. :(

    Raymond's role sounds promising too. I like it that they make him have an abnormal personality since it will make his role interesting and has personality.

  5. i like both ella and kate but not raymond lol..

    1. i dislike both ella and kate but not raymond lol..

    2. I'm glad roger not. Prefer raymond than roger. Roger is older for kate&ella.

    3. I'm opposite! I like both Kate and Ella! I don't like Raymond!

  6. To hyn5:

    I think some of your information about the characters is wrong.

    From Wikipedia, The Narcotics Bureau (毒品調查科) has 4 different subgroups, which are:
    - 行動組
    - 情報組
    - 行政組
    - 財富調查組

    The cast (from what I've seen in the videos):
    - Raymond is head of 情報組 (still part of Narcotics Bureau, not CIB). Ella, Yeung Ching Wah, Max Cheung, Tsang Sing Ming are also part of this group.
    - Ben (later becomes) head of 行動組. Derek, Law Lok Lam, Jazz, Kayi are also part of this group.
    - I believe Elaine is head of 財富調查組. Ho Chun Hin, Hugo Wong, Kitterick Yiu (I think that is his name?), Kirby Lam are part of this group.

  7. I wonder if it's TVB who decided to give up Roger and Kevin, of if it's Roger and Kevin's decision to let this drama go. I would be a lot more excited for this show if Roger and Kevin stayed. The presentation trailer was so intense!

    But casting Elaine Ng is good. Finally someone new!