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Monday, January 18, 2010

Kenix Kwok and BB Leave Hospital


Kenix Kwok and BB Leaves the Hospital


Kenix Kwok gave birth to 7 lb. baby daughter on the 14th. Yesterday, husband Frankie Lam picked them up from the hospital. Frankie was rather nervous, and he made sure that the reporters did not use flash when taking pictures.

Kenix still looks very fit after giving birth, but she would like to slim her waist, stomach, and hip. Slimming companies have contacted her, but she has not decided whether to accept or not. Kenix expressed that her level of happiness of being a mother is very difficult to describe. She said, "Every day, I keep thinking about how the baby looks. Even if it is 12am, I would still page the nurse to bring the baby in to let me see her face. (What's it like carrying the baby?) It is very realistic! The baby's eyes and nose resemble Frankie, and her lips resemble mine! (Are you going to have another one?) It's thinkable! But, it cannot be too long in the future. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or girl!" Kenix thanked Frankie for taking care of her so thoughtfully. Frankie quickly said, "It's what I'm supposed to do!" The couple was very sweet.

Personal Note: Very happy for Kenix and Frankie! :) But, does Kenix really need to slim down? She looks fine right now.

*Credits to 30fen, mingpao.com, and the-sun

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