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Friday, January 29, 2010

StarHub TVB Awards 2009 Nominations & Results

My Favourite TVB Actor
Michael Miu
Raymond Lam
Steven Ma
Ron Ng
Moses Chan
Bowie Lam
Michael Tse
Roger Kwok
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng

My Favourite TVB Actress
Tavia Yeung
Sheren Tang
Charmaine Sheh
Louise Lee
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan
Jessica Hsuan
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Liza Wang

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character 2009
Raymond Lam ("Moonlight Resonance")
Moses Chan ("Moonlight Resonance")
Michael Tse ("E.U.")
Ron Ng ("E.U.")
Wayne Lai ("Rosy Business")
Roger Kwok ("D.I.E.")
Kevin Cheng ("Last One Standing")
Bowie Lam ("The Gem of Life")
Bosco Wong ("Wars of In-Laws II")
Steven Ma ("The Gentle Crackdown II")

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character 2009
Louise Lee ("Moonlight Resonance")
Tavia Yeung ("Moonlight Resonance")
Susanna Kwan ("Moonlight Resonance")
Fala Chen ("Moonlight Resonance")
Linda Chung ("Moonlight Resonance")
Kate Tsui ("The Four")
Sheren Tang ("Rosy Business")
Sonija Kwok ("D.I.E.")
Charmaine Sheh ("Forensic Heroes II")
Myolie Wu ("Wars of In-Laws II")

My Favourite TVB Drama 2009
"Moonlight Resonance"
"Wars of In-Laws II"
"Forensic Heroes II"
"The Gem of Life"
"Burning Flame III"
"Rosy Business"
"Last One Standing"
"The Master of Tai Chi

My Favourite TVB Variety 2009
"Be My Guest"
"Club Sparkle"
"Super Trio Supreme"
"Boom Boom Ba"
"Good So Good"
"Beautiful Cooking"
"On the Road"
"TVB8 International New Talent Singing Championship"
"Super Taste"
"Lady First"

My All Time Favourite TVB Male TV Character
Adam Cheng ("Chor Lau Heung 1979")
Damian Lau ("Yesterday's Glitter")
Chow Yun Fat ("The Bund")
Ray Lui ("The Bund")
Andy Lau ("The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983")
Felix Wong ("The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982")
Michael Miu ("You Only Live Twice")
Gallen Lo ("Old Time Buddy")
Wayne Lai ("Journey to the West")
Roger Kwok ("Square Pegs")

My All Time Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Liza Wang ("A House Is Not a Home")
Nancy Sit ("A Kindred Spirit")
Carol Cheng ("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly")
Idy Chan ("The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983")
Gigi Wong ("The Golden Girls")
Sheren Tang ("War and Beauty")
Maggie Cheung ("Old Time Buddy")
Kenix Kwok ("Detective Investigation Files")
Angela Tong ("A Life Made Simple")
Myolie Wu ("To Grow with Love")

My All Time Favourite TVB Drama
"The Bund"
"The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983"
"Looking Back in Anger"
"Old Time Buddy"
"War of the Genders"
"Square Pegs"
"At the Threshold of an Era"
"A Step into the Past"
"War and Beauty"
"Triumph in the Skies"

Cut 1

Cut 2

Cut 3


TVB8 Clip

*Credits to S&K88, Seyulin, and 30fen

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