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List updated on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Top Ten Highest Rating Series


2009 Top Ten Highest Rating Series

1. "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" 35 points
2. "Rosy Business" 33 points
3. "Burning Flame III" 33 points
4. "You're Hired" 32 points
5. "D.I.E. Again" 31 points
6. "E.U." 30 points
7. "The Threshold of a Persona" 30 points
8. "A Chip Off the Old Block" 30 points
9. "A Bride for a Ride" 30 points
10. "The Stew of Life" 30 points

2009 Worst Rating Series

1. "Pages of Treasures" 26 points
2. "The Winter Melon Tale" 27 points
3. "The King of Snooker" 27 points

Personal Note: For some reason, none of the news sources have posted up the ratings from last year. Ming Pao, Apple Daily, and on.cc would have posted it by now. I guess they don't find TVB ratings important anymore. :)


  1. Is this really accurate? I was calculating myself and find that ratings of The Stew of Life is greater than A Bride for a Ride. Furthermore, Born Rich was supposed to be in the top ten instead of A Bride for a Ride? Or maybe I have done the calculation wrongly.

  2. To rocky:

    This should be accurate as the points are calculated by viewers.

    "Born Rich" approx. average is 29.5 points

  3. Do you know if all of these ratings include the HD ratings? If I remember correctly, didn't they just started counting HD viewers around the airing of Burning Flame 3?

  4. To Uh_Oh:

    HD counted after the airing of "Rosy Business". HD wasn't counted for the entire airing of RB. :)

  5. I know Beauty of the Game is a 2010 series, but from what I hear, it's not doing very well. I read that it has only averaged 26 points for the past 3 weeks. Do you know if that's why TVB aired the last 4 episodes over 2 days? And it finished on episode 18, that seems strange. Do you know if it was cut or anything.

  6. To Anonymous:

    Yes, I've tweeted that the first three weeks of "The Beauty of the Game" only averaged 26 points. TVB aired two episodes on Thursday and on Friday. It took "A Watchdog's Tale" time slot, so it makes out to be 20 episodes long. "Beauty" is only 20 episodes long. :)

  7. WOW! Born Rich is on the TOP 10.

    Pages of Treasure was pretty good...why it's underrated? argh!

  8. To KLCB:

    "Born Rich" did not make it in top ten.