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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

41st Ming Pao Awards Nominations

41st Ming Pao Awards Nominations


Nominations - Music

Most Outstanding Album

Khalil Fong 《Timeless》
Denise Ho 《Ten Days tn the Madhouse》
Danny Summer 《力量》
Eason Chan 《H3M》
Juno Mak 《天生地夢》

Most Outstanding Male Singer

Khalil Fong 《Red Bean》
Hins Cheung & George Lam 《相對論》
Eason Chan 《七百年後》
Juno Mak 《弱水三千》
Mr. 《如果我是陳奕迅》

Most Outstanding Female Singer

Denise Ho 《青山黛瑪》
Joey Yung 《搜神記》
Janie M. Vidal 《就算世界無童話》
G.E.M. 《Where Did U Go》
Kay Tse 《祝英台》

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Adrian Chow 《祝英台》 Lyricist
Chet Lam 《思路》 Producer
Eason Chan & 10 others 《H3M》 Producers
Hanjin, Ho Bing Sun & Denise Ho 《Ten Days in the Madhouse》 Producers
Swing 《武當》 Producer

Nominations - Movies

Most Outstanding Movie

"The Beast Stalker"
"Shinjuku Incident"
"Ip Man"

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Louis Koo "Overheard"
Jackie Chan "Shinjuku Incident"
Nick Cheung "The Beast Stalker"
Donnie Yen "Ip Man"
Sean Lau "Overheard"

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Karena Lam "Claustrophobia"
Fala Chen "Turning Point"
Shu Qi "Look for a Star"
Lynn Xiong "Ip Man"
Prudence Liew "True Women for Sale"

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Ivy Ho "Claustrophobia" Screenwriter
Dante Lam "The Beast Stalker" Director
Alan Mak & Felix Chong "Overheard" Directors
Wilson Yip "Ip Man"
Derek Yee "Shinjuku Incident"

Nominations - TV

Most Outstanding TV Programme

"Rosy Business"
"Sunday Report"
"Hong Kong Gossip"
"You're Hired"

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Ngo Ka Nin "Rosy Business"
Dayo Wong "You're Hired"
Wayne Lai "Rosy Business"
Lo Hoi Pang "Hong Kong Gossip"
Michael Tse "E.U."

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Sandra Ng "Club Sparkle"
Charmaine Sheh "You're Hired"
Kathy Chow "E.U."
Sheren Tang "Rosy Business"
Susan Tse "Rosy Business"

Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Chu Geng Kei, Leung Yan Tung & Lee Yee Wah "E.U." Screenwriters
Lee Tim Sing "Rosy Business" Producer
Cheung Wah Biu & Chan Ching Yee "Rosy Business" Screenwriters
Wong Wai Sing "E.U." Producer
Yip Sing Cheung & Mai Wai Bong "Hong Kong Gossip" Producers

Personal Note: I've been meaning to post this over two weeks ago, but I have been busy with other posts. Since I've stopped purchasing Ming Pao Weekly magazines, I'm going to keep a record of it electronically. :)

*Credits to mingpao

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