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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kenneth Ma Buying a Flat to Guard Against Disputes Between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law: Wants to Win TV King to Make Money


"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip

TVB's 'TV Awards Presentation' will be held on the 21st. This year's frontrunners for TV king and TV queen are Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Ali Lee, and Natalie Tong. Looking at the recent trends, 'Netizens' Choice TV King' Kenneth, who is loved by the viewers and the netizens, has the greatest chance for TV king. He is nominated for "The Exorcist's Meter"; when this series was airing, the feedback and the ratings were extremely ideal. In an online voting, Kenneth even became the netizens' choice for TV king, and this series also became the netizens' 'Best Series'. The cast even filmed a clip to rally for votes.

Making Plans to Take a Wife and Have Kids

In an interview, Kenneth frankly said that he was very happy to have become 'Netizens' Choice TV King'. He said, "All in all, whether [I] actually get it on anniversary night requires some luck, since the company's award is not voted by netizens, and there are many voting parties". He, who frequently humbly says that he has a calm attitude toward winning awards, said, "It's not that I don't have the heart to fight; it's just that I want to make more money! In these five or six years, I have started to become clear about the things that I want. It is not just saying the awards that I want. It is wanting my family to have a better life and making plans for my future wife and kids. In 2016, I bought a flat; however, in the future, I want my parents to have a house and my own family to have a house...all in all, scared about disputes between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law! (Scared that Jacqueline Wong would not match with your parents?) Have not had a chances to bring her to see my mom. See if there is time in the new year! I feel that they should be okay. My mom is a person who is easy to get along with; however, as the old saying goes, 'get along well, [but] difficult to live together'. Having one's own space is the most perfect!"

Thanks Benz Hui for Yelling with Curse Words

Kenneth is known to be filial and to have strong family values, and would even remember when he had received someone's kindness. He said that he was grateful for Benz Hui's guidance: "Remember being Benz's son after coming out of the Acting Class...was yelled at with curse words by him every day! I thought that I had already memorized the dialogue; however, in the eyes of a senior, does this mean that all the homework has been done? Actually, he could have left to have tea; why did [he] have to take you to the side and put money in your pocket? I am very thankful to him for yelling at me".

In the vote rallying clip, Mandy Wong, Ho Yuen Tung, Hubert Wu, Ram Chiang, etc. were all doing gestures, such as starting the car with a key, adjusting the rear view mirror, and buckling the seat belt. Mandy showed off her dance skills, and even 'naturally blank' Kenneth and the other actors were influenced such that they also danced along. Mandy said, "Once [I] got there that day, [I] used 15 minutes to prepare and then filmed it. The inspiration of the dance came from my dance teacher. The day before filming the clip, I went to class, so when I heard the beat of 《到此一遊》, I immediately thought of my teacher's routine! (Want to win 'Best Series'?) Would certainly be happy if there is [an award]! (Anticipating a sequel?) Greatly anticipating it because the finale foreshadowed everything".

Surrounded by Females When Buying Coffee

As for Fong Chun Chiu, the producer of "Exorcist's", he frankly said that, because of the online voting, [they] wanted to thank the netizens' for their support. Regarding them coming together in hopes of filming a sequel, he said, "The copy editor has really thought about the overall plan, but it must be confirmed by the company and have to plan in detail. (Win 'Best Series'?) Definitely have a chance. (Are you confident in Kenneth getting TV king as well?) More confident in this. He really is able to stir up the viewers' emotions. Can be funny and also move people to tears".

In addition, Kenneth, Hubert, and Ho Yuen Tung appeared at a Tsueng Kwan O mall the other day, lining up to buy coffee. They were immediately recognized and surrounded by a group of fans, trying to take pictures with them. The three guys complied with the requests. During this, Kenneth's phone was ringing non-stop. A few housewife fans saw this, so they asked Hubert and Ho Yuen Tung to take pictures first. It was not until Kenneth put his phone down that they rushed to pull onto him. Kenneth, of course, knew what to do, as he made the group of housewives smile to the point that you could see their teeth but not their eyes. After they were done taking pictures and rallying for votes, the three guys walked to a nearby hotel to get their respective cars and left.

*Credits to orientaldaily and tvb

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