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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Birthday Messages for Kenneth Ma & Sharon Chan

Ma Ming and Sharon held their birthday gathering together this year on January 12th.

Friends who recorded birthday messages: Eliza Sam, Benjamin Yuen, Sammy Sum, Lee Yee Man, Bianca Wu, Stephen Wong, Chung King Fai, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Mary Hon, Tavia Yeung, Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Edwin Siu, Raymond Wong, Sonija Kwok, Sammy Leung, Natalie Tong, Priscilla Wong, Grace Wong, Louis Yuen, Elena Kong, Jazz Lam, Fred Cheng, Owen Cheung, May Chan, Stefan Wong, Otto Chan, Hoffman Cheng, Kaki Leung, Skye Chan, Louise Lee, Michael Tong, Hubert Wu, Ha Yu, Niki Chow, Eddie Cheung, Ngo Ka Nin, Grace Chan, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Yoyo Chen, Matthew Ho, James Ng, Max Cheung, Roxanne Tong, Lau Ka Ho, and Mui Siu Ching.

*Credits to 陳敏之官方影迷會

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