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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kenneth Ma and Jessica Hsuan Become Netizens' Choice for TV King and TV Queen


The 'Viewers Are Among the People Television Awards 2017' held by the Facebook page 'fongeman', which was voted by netizens, announced its results. "The Exorcist's Meter" beat many grand productions, winning nine out of the 15 awards. According to the information provided by the organizer, after a 11-day voting period, netizens voted for 15 awards; there were 16,595 valid votes. Some of the awards are as follows: 'Netizens' Choice Best Series' "The Exorcist's Meter", 'Netizens' Choice Best Actor' Kenneth Ma ("The Exorcist's Meter"), 'Netizens' Choice Best Actress' Jessica Hsuan ("My Unfair Lady"), 'Netizens' Choice Best Supporting Actor' Hubert Wu ("The Exorcist's Meter"), 'Netizens' Choice Best Supporting Actress' Mandy Lam ("Lo and Behold"), etc. Kenneth won TV king with 1,188 votes, second place Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks") had 512 votes, and Louis Cheung was in third place. Jessica's 624 votes beat second place Mandy Wong ("The Exorcist's Meter"). Hubert's 556 votes edged out Ho Yuen Tung's 493 votes for 'Best Supporting Actor'.

Kenneth accepted Ming Pao's phone interview. He expressed being very happy upon knowing that he had become netizens' choice for TV king, particularly with "Exorcist's" receiving the support of netizens. He also took the opportunity to rally for votes for Sunday's awards presentation, hoping that everyone votes for "Exorcist's" for 'Best Series'. He said, "Experienced a lot of misery while filming 'Exorcist's'. To have such a good script under a low-budget production, many people are waiting to watch a sequel. If [we] are able to win an award at the company's awards presentation, believe that the chance of filming a sequel will increase greatly".

Kenneth Ma Rallies for Votes for "The Exorcist's Meter"

Kenneth attaches great importance to team awards. As for personally fighting for TV king, he said that he would be very happy to win the award; if there is no award, he will continue to work hard next time. He is already extremely blissful to have an opportunity to play the character Ma Kwai. He revealed that he did not vote for himself. As for which actor he had voted for, it is inconvenient to disclose it, but he voted for Natalie Tong for TV queen.

"Exorcist's" producer Fong Chun Chiu accepted an interview. He said that this series' genre is refreshing and is suitable for the younger generation, thereby having an advantage in online voting. Apart from the genre being new, there is also familial love that struck a chord with the viewers' tears, but [he] is facing the results of Sunday's awards presentation with a calm attitude. He supports Kenneth to become TV king, as he can be funny, but his emotional scenes are also contagious.

'Netizens' Choice Best Series' & 'Netizens' Choice Best Script'

'Netizens' Choice Best Supporting Actor', 'Netizens' Choice Most Improved Male Artiste' & 'Netizens' Choice Best TV Song'

'Netizens' Choice Best Drama Partnership'

'Netizens' Choice Best Actor' & 'Netizens' Choice Best Variety/Infotainment Programme Host(s)'

'Netizens' Choice Best Actress'

*Credits to mingpao and fongeman

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