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Friday, January 19, 2018

Tells Jacqueline Wong to Gain More Experience First, Kenneth Ma Admits to Having Selfish Motive Toward Natalie Tong


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Artiste Kenneth Ma accepted a radio station interview. Regarding the cast of "The Exorcist's Meter" filming a clip together, will a sequel really be filmed? He said, "Really do not know. The company has not said anything yet, so we are temporarily just helping the series rally for votes". He also said that the producer and the copy editor came up with the clip: "Everyone was happy to have filmed this series, so we came out to film a clip and had a dinner gathering while we were at it. (You guys also want to film a sequel?) The decision falls in the hands of the producer and the copy editor. Us actors are very passive. (Do you want to?) It doesn't matter. If there is none, would not be too disappointed. Even if there is none, I also have other series to film. All in all, also want to keep the quality". Is it because you do not want the sequel to fail? He frankly said, "To a certain extent, yes. If the sequel makes the viewers not like it, would be better to not film it, but it is still the decision of the producer and the copy editor. My confidence comes from them. If they are confident, we certainly would do our best".

Regarding the 'TV Awards Presentation' being held soon, does Kenneth, who has been chosen by netizens as 'The People's TV King', feel nervous? He said, "No. I have a very calm attitude. Certainly happy if I get it, but would not be particularly disappointed if I don't. Would just work harder next year. The awards have a lot of factors. It has be the right timing, and the geographical and social conditions have to be favourable. Actually, those who have a part in competing are all very hardworking. I am happy for whomever wins, but I hope that the 'Best Series' is 'Exorcist's' more".

Voted for Jacqueline Wong to Win 'Most Improved'

As for TV queen, Kenneth expressed that he certainly wants it to be his 'Exorcist's' partner, Mandy Wong, but do not know why she is not nominated for this series, so he will be supporting his godsister, Natalie Tong: "We have known each other for so many years. She improved very quickly. Her performance in 'My Unfair Lady' is not inferior to Jessica Hsuan. Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin, and Jessica already won before, so I hope that someone who has not gotten it before gets it. Certainly have some selfish motive". Do not think highly of girlfriend Jacqueline? He said, "I hope that she wins 'Most Improved'. Also have a little bit of selfish motive. I voted for her. As for 'Leading Actress', she should gain more experience first. Needless to win and then get yelled at by others".

Wants to Buy Two Flats

Kenneth expressed in an on.cc interview that he wants to buy two flats, one flat for his parents and another flat for his own family. Is he really going to buy a flat? He laughingly said, "Every Hong Kong person hopes to, but flat prices are too expensive right now, so hope to". (Are you afraid of disputes between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law?) No. It's just that having personal space is better, but the best would be to be close to my parents' house". When Jacqueline and her elder sister, Scarlett, attended an event, Scarlett told Kenneth to pay their house a visit in the New Year; will he be going? Kenneth said, "Should be [going]. See if [we] can accommodate the time; however, on the first day of the New Year, I will be paying all of my relatives a New Year visit with my family members. (Just bring Jacqueline along?) Don't know if she is available or not. Have to reschedule".

[011918] Kenneth Ma @ 《開心大派對》

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*Credtis to on.cc, appledaily, moreforms, and 開心大派對 Happy Party

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