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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Teased for 'Sitting Alone' at Anniversary, Kenneth Ma Says in Advance That He Would Do Flips Next Year



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Following Kenneth Ma's 'blank look' reaction last year becoming a hot topic, there was another scene of 'everyone standing, him sitting alone' when it was announced that Ruco Chan had won 'TV King' at TVB's awards presentation. Netizens guessed that it was due to moving goods for charity. Kenneth laughingly said, "No! I did not have a blank look this time. Ruco was sitting beside me. I congratulated him and shook his hand. If I were to also stand and hug him, it would be too intentional. Two guys do not have to hug".

Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui acted as raffle guests for an MTR event, in which a passenger with a January 21st birthday was drawn to receive a gift. Regarding the appearance of a scene of 'everyone standing, him sitting alone' on anniversary night, Kenneth frankly said that he was not an award recipient, so she does not understand why the focus was on him, and promised that he has to have a good reaction for next year's awards presentation. He laughingly said, "I promise that, when announcing the award next year, I will stand up, clap twice, and do two flips!"

No One Would Question Roger Kwok's Acting Skills

Mandy netizens think that the results would be more ideal if Roger Kwok had won 'TV King'. Kenneth had another point of view: "Cannot say it like that. Also reasonable for Ruco to win 'TV King'. Frankly speaking, Roger is a three-time 'TV King'...acting skills would not be questioned because of not winning an award this year. 'A Fist Within Four Walls' was also good to watch". Regarding 'Fist' being popular, but Ruco's acting skills being questioned, Kenneth was slightly awkward: "I treat it as taking part in a party. Would be happy for anyone who wins an award".

Regarding him walking with rumoured girlfriend Natalie Tong on the red carpet, he expressed that it was arranged by the company, and made a snide remark about rumoured romantic rival Tony Hung: "Everyone, don't be too sensitive. Not good if it were to make Tony unhappy!" When experienced actor Chow Chung received the 'Lifetime Achievement Award', he was rushed during his speech, and there was an error on the captions, seeming to lack respect. Kenneth believes that it was merely an unintentional mistake. Regarding the ratings of the awards presentation hitting a new low, he thinks that it is because viewers have changed their format of watching television.

Kate Tsui Filming Series: Must Be Challenging

Kate, who has already left TVB, is busy with work, so she did not watch the awards presentation, and hopes to watch it later. She expressed that she would be going to Chicago for a stage performance during Christmas. She has specially trained in singing, and also said in advance that she would be going to Shenzhen for a countdown event. Regarding whether she would collaborate with TVB again, she said, "Have not filmed series for a while. Want to choose a role that is challenging. TVB has looked for me, but could not accommodate the time".

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