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List updated on Monday, June 19, 2017.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Eliza Sam Gets Married


J2 Clip (121616)

"Scoop" Clip (121616)

J2 Clip (121816)

"Scoop" Clip (121916)

In the morning of the 17th (Vancouver time), Eliza Sam and Joshua walked down the aisle at Ebenezer Baptist Church. There were 200 family and friends in attendance. Eliza wore a low-cut embroidered wedding dress with long sleeves. When marching in with her father, Eliza was already teary-eyed. When her father handed her over to Joshua, she already could not help but shed tears. Joshua attentively prepared a tissue for her. When the newlyweds read their vows and exchanged rings, Eliza was moved to blissful tears.

Walks Down the Aisle in Church, Sheds Blissful Tears

The wedding banquet was held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, with 30 tables. The venue was decorated in white, gold, and silver tones. All around, there was the two's wedding mascot, the design of bears holding hands. When Eliza and Joshua arrived at the hotel, they first let the media take pictures. Eliza wore a fur cape. Joshua, who was officially facing the media for the first time, appeared nervous. The media requested that the two kiss; Eliza said that Joshua was shy, so they took nose-to-nose pictures.

Shy Joshua Consecutively Kisses Bride

Eliza and Joshua changed into Chinese wedding costumes, following tradition by giving tea to the elders. Eliza was wearing a golden pig plate necklace and a dragon and phoenix bracelet, accepting the reporters' interview with her husband. When taking pictures, the two were requested to kiss again. Joshua was so embarrassed that his face turned red, laughing foolishly while standing beside his wife. Eliza took the initiative, as she laughingly said, "Since it is like this, then we will...." She raised her chin, and Joshua immediately accommodated with a kiss, becoming kissing fish and kissing two consecutive times. Joshua even humourously said in Cantonese: "I don't understand!"

Calls Eliza Sam 「蕉蕉」 in Private

During the interview, Eliza mainly answered the questions. Eliza was happy to become 「強嫂」, but everyone can still call her 'Heung Heung'. The reporters asked Joshua what he typically called Eliza. He humourously revealed that, in private, he would call his wife 「蕉蕉」! Eliza praised Joshua as a hundred points husband. When Joshua was asked what he felt were Eliza's good points, he repeated, "Good! Good!" Joshua can only understand and speak a little Cantonese.

Fetching the Bride: Using Toes to Eat Grapes

Eliza revealed that, during the fetching of the bride, the bridesmaids arranged a challenge with great difficulty. Her husband and the groomsmen had to use their toes to eat grapes, and almost accidentally had a mouth-to-mouth when eating the seaweed. Eliza thanked her group of sisters for specially going to Vancouver to take part in her wedding. The two have not decided on the destination of their honeymoon yet. Because the wedding preparations took a lot of time, they may go on a short trip.

Residing in Hong Kong After Marriage, Not in a Rush to Have a Baby

Before marriage, Eliza and Joshua had a long-distance relationship. Eliza said, "We no longer want a long distance. Very strenuous. Now arranging to live together in Hong Kong". Regarding baby plans, she and Joshua have reached a consensus, as they will work hard in their careers first before planning to have a baby. She said, "We both want to have children, but should not be that fast. The elders also want us to have a few. Already received two golden pigs today! May have one first. See how the feeling is before deciding!"

At the wedding banquet, Eliza changed into a white embroidered long dress, embroidered with the design of silver leaves, worth approximately $50,000. Her good sisters, including Linda Chung, Christine Kuo, and Leanne Li, as well as good friend Joyce Cheng specially went to Vancouver to see Eliza get married.

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*Credits to 大串燒 and mingpao

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