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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bobby Au Yeung Switching Souls with James Ng in New Series


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Artiste Bobby Au Yeung went to Taiwan to film the travel programme "Spirits on Vacation" with the cast members of the series "House of Spirits". Bobby frankly said that he never experienced having a series that was so popular that a travel programme was filmed. It was a rare opportunity, so they had fun. Having the cast members free up their schedules was also not easy. He said, "For the entire 14 days, I filmed ten days. Bob Cheung had to return to Hong Kong to film a series in between because the series was wrapping up, so he had to go back. After completing filming, also had to immediately fly back to Taiwan. This time, the places we went were also suitable for people of all ages!" Regarding having cast members who are older on the trip, was it labourious to take care of them? He said, "Although Helena Law and Lau Kong are older, they are actually very active...do not really need to be taken care of. Lau Kong also played in the water with Joyce Tang. Actually, Lau Kong has a gentle appearance but is open on the inside!" Regarding what was the most memorable event, he expressed that it was teaching Helena to bowl. He said, "The lightest bowling ball was eight pounds, but Helena played with proper form!"

Soul Switching in New Series

TVB is heading toward its 50th anniversary. Next year, the 50-episode long series "My Ages Apart" will be filmed, with Bobby and Moses Chan as the male leads, talking about changing times. In the series, Bobby will be switching souls with James Ng. Bobby expressed that, although there is no script yet, the story is fresh, laughingly saying that having to put on James' natural blank expression is even a type of challenge! Bobby, who has always specialized in filming comedies, is being a character who is both good and evil. He said, "But finding me and James, there would be a bit of humour. Have to rely on the script to help. Actually, collaborated with James in 'Always and Ever'. He is not slow at all. Also want to collaborate with more young actors!"

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 1

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 2

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 3

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 4

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 5

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 6

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 7

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 8

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 9

"Spirits on Vacation" Episode 10

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