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Friday, December 2, 2016

Eliza Sam Announces Engagement



heungheungeliza: "I am very grateful to finally announce to everyone that God has let me find my Mr. Right! Many years ago, we met in Vancouver because of work, but did not contact one another after that. Could not have guessed that, many years later, under a friend's introduction, we encountered each other again. Keung Keung (Joshua) went from being a friend to my boyfriend, and today, has because my fiancé! To be able to get married to my soul mate is a kind of bliss. We are really looking forward to entering another stage in life, being able to experience God together and grow up together. Thanks to my family, friends, brothers and sisters, and colleagues for always helping us maintain a low profile and keeping it a secret. Thanks to the viewers and fan friends' constant support and blessings! Thanks to the media friends for the constant care and encouragement toward me. After dating, you have also taken care of Keung Keung.

The big day is almost here. Now busily preparing. Please understand that I may not entirely respond to everyone. Very thankful to everyone. We have received all of your blessings! God blesses you".

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Ming Pao Clip

Eliza Sam Walking Down the Aisle in Vancouver in Mid-December

When Eliza Sam accepted an on.cc phone interview, she expressed that she would be holding her wedding in Vancouver in mid-December. It is mainly simple, and would be inviting her family and friends to attend. Her good sisters within the industry are currently adjusting their schedules for Eliza.

Already Engaged This February

Eliza expressed that, after announcing her wedding news, she feels nervous and excited, and revealed that her boyfriend officially proposed this February, becoming engaged afterward: "Have to prepare many things now. Previously notified the company. The company also knows. (When did you believe that Keung Keung was your Mr. Right?) After dating for a year, already knew. After announcing (the wedding news), also became relaxed. Don't have to keep it a secret anymore. Previously also had an engagement ring...could not wear it when going out, had to take it off after waking up, and also had to take it off if a friend came over. Seemed like sneaking around. Comfortable now! Because there were some false reports...some even said that I am pregnant! Have to clarify that I am not pregnant. I am not in a rush to have a baby. Dating before, it was also long distance. Hope to be able to have a world of two first after marriage. May get a dog first. (Will you retire after marriage?) Would not. Definitely have to work. I like this job too much. My other half is also really supportive. (You and Keung Keung are always in two separate places?) Discussing it. May have some arrangements".

Speaks Out About Proposal

Regarding fiancé Keung Keung, Eliza is full of praises for him. When asked why he was able to move her, Eliza said, "Previously, I would always tell God that I wanted to encounter my Mr. Right. After meeting him, felt that it was him. Didn't have to choose again. (What was the proposal like?) It was romantic yet simple. At the time, I also quickly said yes! I really like simplicity. It was at a church. Our parents were also there to witness it. (What are Keung Keung's strong points?) Filial to his parents, and really adores his family and me. Feel that a person who adores his family so would also really adore his wife in the future".

Continuing to Work After Marriage

Regarding work, she revealed that the series "Oh My Grad" that she previously took part in was only of a guest-starring nature. After marriage, she will return to Hong Kong to attend a countdown event.

*Credits to instagram, 8HDTV, 大串燒, mingpao, and on.cc

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