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Friday, December 30, 2016

Kenneth Ma Stays in Hong Kong to Keep Parents Company


ontv Clip

TVB re-aired "At the Threshold of an Era" earlier, which was Kenneth Ma's first role with dialogue after entering the industry. Sixteen years later, he is already standing firmly on the first male lead position. When renewing his contract earlier, there were also Mainland companies that approached him, but Kenneth treasures the time spent with his family, so he gave up the opportunity to make RMB. He laughingly said, "Very boring to film in Mainland. Just go back to the hotel and face four walls after getting off work".

It was rumoured that Kenneth's workload was greatly reduced last year due to contract renewal issues, and his starring series, "Rogue Emperor", was also pushed back, finally airing after a year. After the contractual issues were resolved, Kenneth's workload also went back on track, filming three series, "Bet Hur", "Mind Hunter", and "Demon-Conquering Taxi", consecutively. Kenneth said, "Not the first time that a series was pushed back. If filmed, would air sooner or later. Not related to the contract. It was just a timely coincidence that made everyone associate it with it".

Does Not Want to Leave Parents

Last year, Kenneth did not film many series, as he went to Mainland to make money. His income increased rather than decreased. He said, "Before, was discussing contract renewal with the company. Actually, there were Mainland companies that looked for me, but have to be in Mainland for a majority of the time. The working format does not suit me. Cannot leave my parents in Hong Kong. Have to keep them company more while they are healthy. I also filmed series in Mainland before. Very boring to just go back to the hotel and face four walls after getting off work. Do not mind filming one Mainland series every year. Cannot be there for a long period of time".

"Threshold", which re-aired late at night earlier, was Kenneth's first series with dialogue after entering the industry. Does he have other ambitions now? He said, "Very difficult to plan in this industry. The circumstances would push you to a certain position. Leaving awards to fate. I am not steady. Back then, I always said that I really wanted to win 'TV King', but I actually wanted to quickly save up money to buy a flat, but now, have not won 'TV King' but have already bought a flat".

Enjoys Thin Streams That Flow Forever

Remaking Adam Cheng's "The Misadventure of Zoo" this time, Kenneth is not worried about being compared because the new series is not an imitation. He said, "The series talks about old Hong Kong feelings, all for one and one for all, and neighbours taking care of one another. My relationship with Niki Chow is that we grew up together, and have always loved each other. When reaching 70 or 80 years old, also want to find this first love again. Very difficult for modern people. Also like thin streams that flow forever myself. Leaving it to fate. There are many things [we] do not know in life. May date for three months and then have a lightning marriage...no one knows. Life is this strange".

*Credits to on.cc

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