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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mandy Wong Orders Kenneth Ma to Dance in Black Stockings



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Artistes Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Brian Tse, Henry Lo, Producer Poon Ka Tak, etc. were in Chung Wan, boarding a festooned vehicle patrolling Queen's Road to promote the series "Rogue Emperor". The actors even handed out gold coins and posters downtown, attracting almost a hundred people on Queen's Road.

Series Fans Praise as Being Funny

Although the series is airing after the buzzy series "Two Steps from Heaven", the viewers' reaction is not bad. Many series fans have praised [the series] as being extremely funny. When asked how the ratings were, Mandy laughingly said, "The first episode seemed to have 23 or 24 points. Will be funnier afterward. Have confidence in the ratings!" Kenneth immediately said, "That high? Very good!" Regarding many leading cast members not attending, thereby needing the two to lead the promotions, Mandy expressed that everyone is very busy...hope that everyone is here afterward to make the ratings continue to rise.

Leg Hair Is Abundant and Long

Mandy, who portrays a maid in the series, even said in advance that there would be a major transformation: "Afterward, my character will change 180 degrees. Will do a Broadway-like dance in black stockings. There are black stockings and a bathrobe! Have a different look in every episode. Also look forward to seeing it again myself". Kenneth also expressed anticipation, and even jealously said, "Her kiss scenes in 'Demon-Conquering Taxi' were all given to Hugo Wong!" When ask how they would repay the viewers if the ratings are high, Mandy said, "The four of them (Kenneth, Benjamin Yuen, Brian, and Ku Ming Wah) will dance in black stockings. Will wear it if there is 25 points, so that [we] can quickly see it!" Kenneth said, "Leave it to Brian! His legs are long enough! I have too much leg hair!" Mandy laughingly said, "Having leg hair is what makes it cool!" In the end, Kenneth represented the other three guys and agreed to it!

*Credits to orientaldaily, 狂愛TVB, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, moreforms, and gztv

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