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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Highly Praises Ruco Chan as Being 'Hot Property', Nancy Wu Reveals Having Similar Experiences as Him


[103016] Nancy Wu @ 《舊日的足跡》

'TV Queen' Nancy Wu accepted a radio station recorded interview. She, who won 'TV Queen' last year, frankly said that the award came faster than imagined, but she is confident in winning 'TV Queen' again this year, and also plans to appear in an evening gown that shows off her figure like last year. Last week, she and Ruco Chan won 'TV Queen' and 'TV King' at Singapore. Regarding this, she greatly supports her partner, Ruco, saying that, in her heart, he was already considered the level of 'TV King' early on, and is also her only 'TV King' candidate. Regarding the two's non-stop rumours because of "A Fist Within Four Walls", how does she view Ruco? Nancy immediately highly praised, "Ruco is very focused when he does things, and is also very gentlemanly. Is a man with good qualifications...certainly 'hot property'!" She also revealed having already noticed him before they collaborated, and greatly admires his exquisite acting. Once the company arranged a collaboration, the two immediately created many sparks. She also treasures this good partner: "In the past, we portrayed many antagonistic characters, so our image was not as 'in house'. It was not until the recent years that we became more and more liked by viewers. Experiences are very similar, so we are also able to understand each other within and outside of the series". Regarding Ruco previously publicly praising Nancy as being perfect, she immediately laughingly said, "It was I who bought him off".

Regarding Nancy previously dating people in the industry, would she be afraid of dating someone in the industry again? Nancy frankly said that she would not. Although she and Kenneth Ma are not suitable to become a couple, they would still care about each other and encourage one another. She, who is born in the '80s, also feels that she has already reached a marriageable age, so she should not be picky about whether her partner is a person in the industry or not when dating. Regarding her good friends, Sharon Chan and Myolie Wu, getting married one after the other, Nancy frankly said that she has mixed feelings, and also envies Tavia Yeung and Him Law having a happy ending after experiencing wind and rain, but she said that she does not want to get married so badly: "It's just that every girl hopes to have a happy fate, but fate...this kind of thing...can only wait for heaven's arrangement".

*Credits to on.cc and nancywu.org

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