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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chrissie Chau and Candy Lo Join "Deep Palace Scheme"


ontv Clip

Golden Producer Mui Siu Ching returned to TVB as a Controller of Drama Production (Collaboration Series) earlier, immediately preparing to film TVB's grand production "Deep Palace Scheme" next year. Apart from Annie Liu, Nancy Wu, and Steven Ma, Chrissie Chau and Candy Lo (Law Lam) will also be taking part, respectively portraying an imperial concubine and a high-ranked palace maid. Chrissie, Nancy, and Annie will be serving emperor Steven, in which the fight for favour causes them to fight and scheme against one another. There will also be a bathing scene with the emperor and the concubines; for this, TVB is sparing no expense to build a public bath in Hengdian.

Ant Person Steven Ma Has No Requests

Allegedly, Chrissie, who is filming a Hong Kong television series for the first time, will be taking on many fight scenes. Luckily, she has a kung fu background, so it should not be difficult for her. She accepted a phone interview in which she touched upon the reason for filming: "Because the role has something to execute. The partners are also fresh. Hope to have sparks. (Filming a bathing scene?) Have not received the script yet. Well, TV has its boundaries. Don't have to think too much. Have to go to Hengdian for two or three months then. There are also scenes in Hong Kong. (A high pay to invite you?) Satisfied. The most important is trying something new. (Want a piece of the action at the awards presentation?) Finish filming first. Too early to say now".

Regarding being able to bathe with the goddesses, Steven laughingly said that he received Mui Siu Ching's text message earlier. The content only had the four words 'Boundless Luck with Women' (艷福無邊): "Well, it is time for me to open up myself. (Request to add scenes?) If adding scenes, would not only be kissing. Have to challenge the boundaries of television. I already felt early on that Chrissie had substance and was cultured. (Do whatever you want for the bathing scene?) Would be able to if I were really the emperor. I am only an ant person...cannot make too many requests, but I will also build my muscles".

Candy Lo Loses Out on a Million

Candy is portraying a high-ranked palace maid and battling with Susan Tse. She said, "Debated for a long time. Have not filmed palace series before, and also have not filmed series for such a long time. This ancient series has to film for six months, and also have to go to Hengdian to do location filming for a month. Already 51 years old!" To film this series, Candy has had to reject almost seven figures, but also thinks that it is worth it. She also said that, when she filmed "A Kindred Spirit" back then, she had to choose between love and her career. In the end, under the support of her family, she gave up her career to pursue bliss, but ended up getting a divorce. She, who is back to being single, is preparing to welcome a new romance, but has encountered this series. She said, "This time, also facing the same choice. I decided for myself for the first time. I have chosen my career. Hope to have a good result". She laughingly said that Mui Siu Ching has arranged for a bathing scene to let her show off her beautiful figure.

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Personal Note: The casting is so random, especially since Chrissie and Candy are not even known for their acting.... o_O

*Credits to orientaldaily

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