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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chrissie Chau and Annie Liu Sexily Battling in Acting: Filming TVB Series for the First Time, Not Afraid of On-the-Spot Scripts



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Annie Liu, Chrissie Chau, Alice Chan, and Candy Lo were in Tseung Kwan O TVB City filming the 'Sales Presentation 2017' promotional clip for the new series "Deep Palace Scheme". Chrissie and Annie are filming a TVB series for the first time. Chrissie frankly said that she felt happy and uneasy: "Actually, always wanted to try filming palace series. Did not have an opportunity before. Feel that the costumes are very pretty. Uneasy because of not yet knowing the weight of those head accessories, but I will protect my cervical vertebrae well". Regarding Charmaine Sheh previously injuring her cervical vertebrae due to filming ancient series, Annie is also worried about affecting the waist area. May try using a paper towel roll to support the chin to reduce the pressure when sleeping then, and surf the Internet to learn warm-up exercises to protect the cervical vertebrae.

Annie Liu Challenging Fight Scenes and the Splits

Chrissie said that, when she was approached, she did not think of raising particular requests..only thought that the role was very good and the personality was very cute: "'Beyond the Realm of Conscience' back then, already thought that these palace battles were very interesting. This time, I am portraying an imperial concubine, but it is not a historical figure, so still conceptualizing it". Regarding having to face a hell-like schedule, Chrissie expressed that it was okay, and she is not worried about on-the-spot scripts. Annie also said that she talked with them before; unless there are special circumstances, there would be no on-the-spot scripts. The series is using the Tang Dynasty as the background. Will the costumes be rather sexy to accommodate history? Annie frankly said, "I also thought that it was so. During the script reading, saw 1/30th of the costumes...within my boundaries. Quite low-cut, but the TV has its boundaries". Chrissie said three times consecutively that the most important was being pretty. Annie also revealed that, in the series, she becomes a princess in the end, not lacking fight scenes in the process: "Have to do the splits in the series. This is the one requirement for the series and for myself. If I am able to do the splits, many of the shots can be done in one take. At first, I also said I am okay with me hitting people or others hitting me. This is my one challenge this time".

Candy Lo Returns to TVB After 23 Years: Scared

Candy and Alice previously collaborated at ATV. Collaborating again this time, Candy expressed that there was a cordial feeling. The biggest challenge was filming an ancient series for the first time, so she also has to work out beforehand. Does she need to be sexy in the series? Alice frankly said that, compared to other series, it is slightly sexier, but extravagance is the most important. Candy expressed that, after seeing a portion of the costumes, felt that it was very pretty, so she is greatly anticipating it. Returning to TVB to film series after 23 years? Candy laughingly said that she was also scared upon hearing the number. This series also disrupted her plans, even disrupting her dating plans. Alice suggested that she tell Producer Mui Siu Ching to add dating scenes; Candy felt that this suggestion was not bad.

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