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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ha Yu Gets Back into Position to Film "Heart of Greed III" After Eight Years, Louise Lee Does Not Mind Cast Shuffle



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Louise Lee, Ha Yu, and Susanna Kwan have returned to film a Sales Presentation promotional clip for the new series "Heart of Greed III". Sharon Chan is a new addition to this series, participating in the filming while being seven months pregnant. "Heart III" is using a tea restaurant as the background of the story. Ha Yu is a milk tea king. The entire series is 40 episodes, and is filming next year.

Per Series Collaboration with TVB

Louise, Ha Yu, and Susanna have a per series collaboration with TVB this time. Ha Yu said that, ever since the filming of the first installment of "Heart", a group of artistes had opened a group chat to contact one another. Two years later, they filmed "Moonlight Resonance". Waited eight years before filming "Heart III"...exactly the tenth anniversary. Ha Yu laughingly said that he got into position himself this time. Louise and Susanna also said that they did not ask much and agreed to film. Have confidence that it is a good role. Very anxious to look at the script. It has been said that "Heart III" no longer has Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, and Fala Chen? Producer Lau Ka Ho said, "Don't say it like that. When 'Heart' filmed ten years ago, Fala and Linda were also newcomers, with experienced actors leading them to move up. This time, have Eliza Sam and Priscilla Wong. Bosco Wong is the first male lead". Louise was very happy upon knowing that she would be collaborating with Eliza and Priscilla, expressing that she really likes them.

Sharon Chan Working Next Year After Giving Birth

Sharon is a new addition to "Heart III", portraying the daughter of Ha Yu and Louise. Filming does not begin until next year; she has already had her baby by then, and is able to get back to work. Her family will help her take care of her baby. She hopes to attend to both sides. Sharon has gained the support of her husband. The two have reached an agreement to divide the work and cooperate with each other. When she is working, her husband is responsible for taking care of the child during the night shift to let her focus on work, while she would take care of her son during the early shift.

Personal Note: Would have been a good opportunity to cultivate new, young talent, as most of the younger cast were in their 20s back then (with Linda and Fala being relatively new); however, the current younger cast members are already in their 30s and are quite established. Don't understand why Eliza and Priscilla would have to 'move up' when they have already been playing leading roles for a few years now....

*Credits to mingpao, 狂愛TVB, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, youku, Yes娛樂, and gztv

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