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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tony Hung and Kenneth Ma Attend Show as 'Romantic Rival Partnership': Zero Interaction on Stage


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Artistes Tony Hung and Kenneth Ma attended a wristwatch brand event as a 'romantic rival partnership'. Kenneth expressed that, when filming action dramas, it is suitable to wear a crash-proof watch, while Tony laughingly said that he must have a bulletproof function because he always goes to war zones. However, on stage, the two had zero interaction.

Kenneth Ma Likes the 'Romantic Rival Partnership'

Kenneth expressed that it was the first time attending an event as a 'romantic rival partnership'...hope that this partnership attends even more events. Tony laughingly said, "This is a gimmick...can create a new path". The two both said, "Others are very good in front of the camera but are at odds behind the camera, while we are switched. At odds in front of the camera, while very good behind the camera". When it was mentioned that the two had zero interaction on stage, Tony explained being busy with showing the watch on stage, not showing the relationship. Kenneth frankly said that he likes the 'romantic rival partnership'...hopes to do stage performances together. Tony asked, "Do we have to distribute some to the female lead (Natalie Tong) in the middle?" Kenneth told Tony to distribute his own portion to Natalie, while he would only treat to dinner. When asked about the fee, Kenneth immediately said that Tony is very expensive. Tony expressed, "Slightly lower than you. Not saying how much. There are five figures".

Natalie Tong Is a Smoke Screen?

The two both knew that the other would be attending the event. Tony even laughingly said that he would create news by elbowing him. Kenneth said, "To accept a few more jobs, letting you elbow me is no big deal". Although the two temporarily have not had an opportunity to collaborate in a series, the two praised each other the entire time. Kenneth expressed that Tony is now referred to as 'Hung Gor'. Tony immediately said, "No, it's 'Hung Jai'. (You guys are so polite. Are you at odds?). You guys guess". Tony immediately went back-to-back with Kenneth, and intentionally hugged Kenneth. Kenneth expressed, "Cannot let the secret out. If it is too obvious, would not be able to guess. Let people guess if we are at odds and are fighting over a girl". The reporters laughingly asked if Natalie was a smoke screen. Tony laughingly said that there was another market.

Natalie Tong Frankly Said That Some Money Has to Be Given Back to Her

Girlfriend Natalie also knows that the two are both attending the event. Tony said, "She knows...asked how much money it was. She said that some money has to be given back to her...quite straightforward". Kenneth frankly said that, next time, can look for the three of them to attend an event together. Tony immediately said, "How much money would it be though? I don't have a problem, but Natalie is very expensive. Perhaps the two of us combined is only her portion. If she is okay with it, we would also be okay with it". Kenneth expressed, "Don't underestimate my younger sister. She has many advertisements and events".

*Credits to on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, appledaily, and gztv

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