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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Inspector Gourmet" Promotional Event 3



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East Week Clip


Kenneth Ma Wanted to Change Script to Kiss Eliza Sam but Failed

Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam, and Jacqueline Wong attended a promotional event for the TVB series "Inspector Gourmet". Kenneth is content with the new series' ratings having 23 or 24 points because the series is a low-budget production. Regarding whether he had any intimate scenes with Eliza in the series, he laughingly said, "None! I wanted some, but there were none. If you were to ask me, want to kiss everyone. (Did not request to add it in?) Did. Already used to black pen to draw a triangle saying that there was a change in the script, but this method was not effective, and there was not a time in which it was effective. (Turned into Derek Wong and Mat Yeung having a kiss?) Not good if it's a man. The producer did not benefit me...Mat is such a handsome guy. (Do not mind kiss scenes between guys?) If you ask me, then see whether it fits with the plot. As an actor, would not mind much. (Which actor would you not want to kiss the most?) Very difficult to answer. Also none for the one I would want the most. If there were, would scare you! (Louis Yuen?) Also not good. How about a girl!"

Eliza Sam Not Alert When Dating Abroad

Eliza Sam and her boyfriend were spotted at a Taiwan hotel swimming pool. Eliza expressed, "Feel that wearing a bikini at a pool is very normal. Swimming is also very normal. What problem is there? (Not alert when you leave Hong Kong?) Yes. That is why our pictures were taken. Very rare to take a vacation and go on a trip. It's just that our friends' pictures did not get taken. Afterward, also went to the night market, etc. Very normal to go on a trip. (Do you know who took your picture?) A reader. At the time, heard Cantonese. Perhaps say hi to me next time. Playing together would be happier. Since I am an artiste in the entertainment industry, not too uncomfortable to get my picture taken...already expected it. Would not be angry. Look forward to playing together next time rather than seeing myself on the newspaper".

Jacqueline supported Eliza, saying that she was just doing things that normal people would do in Taiwan...certainly would kiss her boyfriend, and would not kiss other people. Unfortunately, she was also unable to help herself; when asked whether there was any progress with the person she liked, she immediately avoided giving an answer, saying that he did not pursue her yet.

*Credits to TVBUSAofficial, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, gztv, and mingpao

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