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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Duet with Julian Cheung? Louis Koo: 'No!'


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Movie stars Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Dada Chan, Janelle Sing, Jacky Cai, and Producer Raymond Wong went to Mongkok to attend the premiere of "S Storm". Vic Chou, who became a father, did not attend but did film a clip sharing his feelings during the filming of the movie. The organizer gave Ada, whose birthday is on the 17th, a birthday bun.

Mom Has Not Rushed Marriage Due to Not Being at Home?

The MC mentioned that, in the '90s, Louis and Julian already collaborated in the series "Cold Blood Warm Heart", where the two fought over a girl; this time, the two are rivals in the movie. The MC asked the two how their relationship is like in real life. Louis said, "How do you want me to answer? Unless it's hehe?" When being interviewed, the two expressed that this time is their fourth collaboration. Julian even suddenly revealed that, many years ago, the two boiled wax on mid-autumn: "Suddenly remember that there was one mid-autumn when Anita [Yuen], Louis, and I went wax boiling. It was my first time boiling. Back then, we were not as busy...gathered more". When asked how they would be spending mid-autumn this year, Julian expressed that he has to go to Shanghai for work. Louis has a rare holiday, so he is able to stay at home and spend time with his family; he frankly said that, when there is a holiday every year, such as winter solstice and the first day of of the lunar new year, he would do his best to take it off. When asked whether his mother rushed him to bring his other half home, Louis said, "Would not! Usually just me and Dad in the house. Mom is really busy...has a lot of events".

Reveals That Ada Choi Spent Time with Daughters from Afar

When asked whether they would celebrate Ada's birthday with her, Julian laughingly said, "On the actual date of her birthday, I have not returned to Hong Kong yet. Also, she has a cute husband and two lively daughters. No point in us being the third wheel!" The two also revealed that, when Ada was promoting in Mainland, she was constantly doing lives, spending time with her daughters from afar.

Rare Occurrence of Singing, Does Not Want to Sing Again

Louis and Leo Ku recently re-recorded the classic song "Past Love" to commemorate the late Leslie Cheung's 60th birthday. He said, "I haven't recorded a song for a long time. Very rusty. Leslie supported me, Leo, and John Tang back then. Leo and I have not collaborated for many years. He just so happened to have the suggestion to sing a duet of this song to commemorate Leslie. The entire process was very smooth. (Did your practice beforehand?) Practice what? (Practice your singing!) No!" Louis, who has been quite resistant toward singing in recent years, was praised by many netizens as being nice to listen to singing this time. When asked whether he would continue to sing, he immediately shook his head and said 'no'. When asked whether there was an opportunity to hear him sing live? He knit his brows and said, "No! (Duet with Julian?) No, thank you! This time was already a rare occurrence". Julian laughingly said that he wants to duet with Louis, and also said to the camera, "When I have a concert next time, must invite Louis to be a guest!"

Guangzhou Promotion @ J2 Clip (091416)

"Past Love" - Leo Ku & Louis Koo

當年情 - 古巨基/古天樂

作曲: 顧嘉煇
填詞: 黃霑
編曲: 楊鎮邦
監製: 雷頌德

樂:輕輕笑聲 在為我送溫暖 你為我注入快樂強電
基:輕輕說聲 漫長路快要走過 終於走到明媚晴天

*樂:聲聲歡呼躍起 像紅日發放金箭 我伴你往日笑面重現
基:輕輕叫聲 共抬望眼看高空 終於青天優美為你獻

基:擁著你 當初溫馨再湧現
樂:心裡邊 童年稚氣夢未污染
基:今日我 與你又試肩並肩
樂:當年情 此刻是添上新鮮

基:一望你 眼裡溫馨已通電
樂:心裡邊 從前夢一點未改變
基:今日我 與你又試肩並肩
合:當年情 再度添上新鮮*

Repeat *

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*Credits to 香港無線TVB8, chilam.cn, on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, youku, moreforms, gztv, and artgly

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