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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Him Law Relied on Dressing Up as Donald Duck to Woo Tavia Yeung


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Artistes Tavia Yeung and Him Law attended a bridal cake event as a married couple partnership. Since it was Tavia's 37th birthday, when Him appeared, he gave his wife a cake. The two also kissed on the cheek upon request. Afterward, when playing a game, they were also very sweet, as Him hugged his wife from the back...extremely heartwarming.

Him Law Has a Way of Making Girls Swoon

During the event, Tavia even revealed a sweet memory of the two when they first began dating. She said, "At the time, just began not that long ago. Went to a theme park with some colleagues on Halloween. Afterward, he decorated the room with hundreds of balloons and dressed up as Donald Duck. At the time, I was very nervous and surprised. Thought that he had some substance, so gave him a small chance!" The two even personally designed their shield-like wedding logo. Tavia said that she and Him are both artistes, and have experienced many things, so using a shield to be each other's backing, hoping to be able to keep going in good times and bad times.

Not Allowed to Mess Up the Hair When Playing the Groom

Regarding being very sweet at the event, was the fee very good? Him laughingly said, "We are also like this at home despite not receiving any money!" Tavia revealed that the preparations for their wedding on October 2nd are nearing completion. Temporarily having 40-plus tables; however, because she wants to have more walking space, there is the chance of reducing the number of tables. The wedding party consists of 18 people, including Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong, Pal Sinn, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Akina Hong, Griselda Yeung, etc. Regarding whether the playing the groom segment had any boundaries, Tavia said, "Told my sisters to not mess up their hair. Everyone is a handsome guy. Would need time to fix their hair. The time is limited, so the games are mainly happy". Regarding the wedding theme, Him said that their romance began at a theme park, so their wedding would also mainly be a fairy tale and heartwarming in hopes to give his wife a beautiful memory.

Wants the Beauty, Does Not Want a Gift

Regarding it being Tavia's birthday, did the husband give her a gift? She laughingly said that Him bought a small accessory while walking by a shop. When asked whether it was a diamond, Tavia said, "No need to be too deliberate for such valuable things. On the contrary, I did not give him anything on his birthday on the 28th". After hearing this, Him said, "No need. You already gave me your person!" He also said that, after the event, he has to go back to Mainland to work on his web drama, so he does not have time to celebrate with his wife. Completion is not until the end of the month before returning to Hong Kong. He said, "The filming crew even jokingly asked if they could borrow the wedding venue to film!"

Working Hard on Being a Person Every Day

When asked whether the busy Him would have time for a honeymoon, he expressed that he had to go to Mainland again to film a movie next month, so must look at the situation to see whether a few days can be used for a honeymoon. Regarding having a baby, Tavia laughingly said, "Doing it every day. I am talking about being a normal, hardworking person. As for having children, will leave it to fate!"

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