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Monday, September 26, 2016

Ada Choi Returning to TVB to Film "Inbound Troubles III"


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The third installment of "Inbound Troubles" is set to film in November. Because Joey Meng is doing a play, she is unable to take part. Ada Choi is set to play the female lead. Other actors include original cast members Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, May Chan, etc. Louis Cheung will guest-star, while Ivana Wong, who is busy with concert matters, is also discussing whether she would guest-star.

Ada Choi Makes Much Less for Wong Cho Lam: Expected When Filming TVB Series

Ada was asked whether she is making much less by collaborating with good friend Cho Lam. Ada laughingly said, "Filming TVB series, expected to not make money there. I also want myself to be happy. Previously filming series in Mainland, it was always being dubbed over. As for TVB, all of it is live sound recording...more enjoyable! (The series attracts popularity and awards.) Actually, whatever I do, I would not think about getting popular before doing it, and would also not think about having awards before doing it. Would only think about doing a production that I like. Also, I got popular in TVB. Should really return to my mother company to film series".

Roger Kwok Worried About Wong Cho Lam's Health

When asked whether he would have pressure filming again, since the feedback and ratings for the previous two installments were not bad, Roger said, "Leaving the pressure to Cho Lam. His pressure is greater than mine. Hope that he takes care of his health. He is doing movies, scripts...really cannot spare time to attend to something else. Luckily, 'Inbound' has always had many people...would not be fully centralized. Actually, Cho Lam has also written it to accommodate us. I have confidence in his script. He has been working on it for a half year or so". Roger expressed that, this time, he is portraying a principal in the series. When asked whether he would be a mischievous principal, he said, "In Cho Lam's hands, how could there be nothing to do? However, this time, the looks would not be that exaggerated. Also, Ada can be serious and funny. When we filmed 'At the Threshold of an Era', we collaborated very happily. Believe that it would be the same this time".

Cho Lam feels happy to be able to get Ada to return to TVB to film a series: "She really has not returned (to TVB) for a long time! This time, apart from being friends, I previously told her about the role. After hearing it, she was also very interested. Now, she is already a wife and a mother. The role is mommy-related. Ada is very interested in the cast and crew. Everyone is very good. She also believes that everyone would collaborate very happily". Regarding Roger hoping that Cho Lam would be able to handle it, Cho Lam laughingly said, "Very thankful to Roger for caring so much about my health. Still working hard now. I have taken part in the scriptwriting work, but have also left it to scriptwriting team. Really have too many matters to handle...cannot spare time to attend to something else. Also, after the first and second installments, they are also very skilled...certainly not a problem".

Louis Cheung Has an Attachment Toward "Inbound Troubles", Must Film Even Without Sleeping!

Louis is confirmed to film TVB's new 50-episode series. Allegedly, because he has an attachment toward the "Inbound" series, he would rather sacrifice his resting time to insist on filming the third installment. Unfortunately, because of schedule problems, Louis can only guest-star, filming six or seven episodes.

Louis admitted over the phone: "Yes, I will be filming both series. Regarding 'Inbound', I really have an attachment. Because of this series, I had a chance to be recognized by everyone. Also, I really want to collaborate with Roger..these good actors. Also, I collaborated very happily with the entire cast and crew. (What is your role in 'Inbound III'?) Don't know yet. (Would not be able to sleep having to film both series together?) Would not be overlapping too much. Actually, in between the two series, I also have to film a movie. I also experienced this situation before. Encountering such a good series and actors, not a big deal to sleep less".

Personal Note: Did not think of Ada as a female lead candidate (as she has been away from the TVB scene for a number of years), although not unexpected given her friendship with Cho Lam.

Hope that this installment will be more like that first one!

*Credits to on.cc

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