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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Refuses to Expand in Mainland for Parents, Kenneth Ma Complains About Romance Easily Dying Once in the Spotlight


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Following last year's anniversary series "Lord of Shanghai", Kenneth Ma has the new series "Inspector Gourmet" released after a long time. In recent years, many TVB siu sangs left the company one after the other. Following Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, whose contract expires at the beginning of next year, is also rumoured to not renew his contract and would be going to Mainland to expand and make RMB. Earlier, it was rumoured that Kenneth was frozen because of refusing to sign a long contract with the company. When asked about the progress of his contract with TVB, he revealed that he would be renewing his contract: "Almost have it figured out. Many conditions have been discussed. The new contract will be coming into effect".

Kenneth is a recruited target by Mainland companies, but he has chosen to stay in Hong Kong to expand, and is also not envious of the artistes going to Mainland to expand and all rolling in money. He said, "The freedom is much greater in the new contract. This contract is quite suitable for me. My parents are in Hong Kong and are also of an advanced age. If I had to put ten-plus months there in one year, I also do not really want to. Certainly, there were Mainland companies looking for me before. The conditions that were offered were good, but must be in Mainland for a long period of time in the first three years". He also laughingly said that his parents would not worry about his career development...would only worry about not having money to spend. When asked whether they were worried about him having not gotten married and established a family yet, he said, "My parents have never rushed me to get married. Really not in a hurry myself".

Kenneth, who is referred to as godbrother and godsister with Natalie Tong, was rumoured with Natalie earlier, causing her boyfriend, Tony Hong, to suggest cohabitation to drive him away? Kenneth expressed having not seen this report, and also taught him the method to get rid of the opposite sex: "In order to drive him away, do not need to cohabit. If you treat Natalie very well, then you would be able to drive all the people who pursue Natalie away. The most important is for him to treat Natalie well". Kenneth, who dated a person in the industry before, thinks that it does not matter whether it is in the industry or outside of the industry. The most important is being a match. In the entertainment industry, many romances die once they are in the spotlight. Kenneth, who was previously spotted in the same car with Jackie Xu, which led to rumours, also felt the same: "It is unreasonable to go to one's house on the first date, right? If there's an opportunity, would certainly eat dinner and watch a movie, but very easy to get spotted. Maybe we did not even hold hands yet...only at the stage of eating dinner, but the media is in such a rush that, once they write, already saying that [we] have been dating for a half year, which may scare the girl. Not nervous about scaring the girl...she would understand, but scaring her parents would be more troublesome. Think that it would be better to publicly reveal it once the relationship is stable".

Admits to Being Boring, Wants Girlfriend to Be Homey

Kenneth, who is referred to as 'hot property', thinks that everyone is giving him face. Actually, in many girls' eyes, he is a boring guy. When asked whether there was someone he liked now, Kenneth revealed, "I have been looking while working, but many are already taken, such as 'Inspector''s Eliza Sam. Priscilla Wong is also taken. (Jacqueline Wong?) Can think about it. (How about Elvina Kong?) Elvina is very good. I also like her". Regarding his criteria for choosing a partner, he emphasized, "Age is not a problem. The most important is being able to communicate. (Father and daughter romance?) May not work if too young. Very difficult to communicate. I am a rather boring person. If she enjoys playing too much, while I like being at home, it would be very difficult to communicate. Would be good if my other half is also homey. Would also not mind if [she] nags more".

*Credits to wenweipo, on.cc, and stheadline

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