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Friday, June 3, 2016

《心理追兇 Mind Hunter》 "Mind Hunter" Costume Fitting



Date: June 3, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《心理追兇 Mind Hunter》
Pinyin title: Sam Lei Jui Hung Mind Hunter
Temporary English title: "Mind Hunter"
Producer: Wong Wai Yan

Attending Cast: Kenneth Ma, Michelle Yim, Mat Yeung, Ngo Ka Nin, Sisley Choi, Wai Ka Hung, Grace Wong, Raymond Cho, Vivien Yeo, Law Lok Lam, Jack Wu, English Tang, Stephen Wong, Roxanne Tong, Hiromi Wada, Vincent Cheung, Kitterick Yiu, Ken Law, Ching Ho Wai, Aurora Li, Hebe Chan, Ho Yuen Tung, Emily Wong, Jim Tang, Window Tsang, Joey Mak, Chu Fei Fei, Milkson Fong, Rocky Cheng, and Ng Ka Yee.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One


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"Buzz Stop" Clip

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ontv Clip

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stheadline Clip

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- The series will be connected together by five case stories.
- Kenneth Ma will play a psychiatrist who is flawed from within. He, Mat Yeung, and Ngo Ka Nin are like 'three silly guys investigating other silly guys'. He romances Roxanne Tong, Vivien Yeo, and Grace Wong. Roxanne is his girlfriend, but she is already dead once she appears; however, he has always been unable to let it go, having to clearly investigate the reason.
- Kent Tong will play a fishmonger.
- Michelle Yim will guest-star as a mother who abandoned Sisley Choi and Mat.
- Mat will play Tung Yat (童日), who has Asperger syndrome. He has an extremely high IQ, but because he has mild autism, he was abandoned by mother Michelle at a young age; thus, he and younger sister Sisley have since relied on each other. At the beginning of the series, he commits a criminal offence; because the judge knew that he has a mental illness, he has to regularly receive treatment from Kenneth.
- Ngo Ka Nin will play Wu Tin Yeung (胡天揚), a Chief Inspector who has a psychological disorder. He originally had a case that was almost solved, but was unable to successfully solve the case because of Mat, and even became injured because of this; thus, he really does not like Mat. He frequently asks Kenneth for his advice on the psychoanalysis of a case. He is also called 'Win Sir'.
- Sisley will play Tung Yuet (童月), a gentle and considerate social worker with a high EQ. She is introverted and is enthusiastic about helping people. Because her mother, Michelle, abandoned her at a young age, she really hates her. She has to take care of her elder brother, Mat, who has mild autism. She and Ngo Ka Nin are a couple.
- Wai Ka Hung has a crush on Grace Wong.
- Grace will play Wong Hoi Ching (汪海澄), a web station host.
- Vivien will play a psychiatrist. She is Raymond Cho's fiancée.
- Jack Wu will play Tsang Kwok Ho (曾國豪).
- Stephen Wong will play Fong Ka Long (方家朗).
- Roxanne will play Icy, a psychiatrist. She is Kenneth's dead girlfriend. Because she dies early on from an accident, she only appears in Kenneth's imagination.
- Vincent Cheung will play Ngo Ka Nin's subordinate.
- Ken Law will play Ngo Ka Nin's subordinate.
- Ching Ho Wai will play Ho Yuen Tung's mother.
- Aurora Li will play Lo Pui San (魯佩珊), a cop. She is Ngo Ka Nin's subordinate.
- Hebe Chan will play Yuki Lam Chi Ching (林子晴).
- Emily Wong will play Ho Yuen Tung's younger sister.
- Jim Tang will play Ngo Ka Nin's subordinate.
- Marcus Kwok will play a lawyer.

FYI: The official English title of this series is "My Dearly Sinful Mind".

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Personal Note: That better not be the hairstyle that Ma Ming sports in the actual series....

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, moreforms, Yes娛樂, gztv, hk01, and tvb.com

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