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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kenneth Ma and Sisley Choi Willing to Change Schedule to Wait for Mat Yeung to Recover



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Mat Yeung, Kent Tong, Kenneth Ma, and Sisley Choi went to Wu Kau Tang to do location filming for the new TVB series "Mind Hunter". While filming a motorcycle scene, Mat crashed into a roadside curb. His left knee immediately bled; the wound was so deep that the bone could be seen. Because it was a serious injury, the filming crew immediately halted filming, and sent Mat to a hospital for treatment.

The series' producer, Wong Wai Yan, said that he was also there when it happened. He said that this series just began filming for ten-plus days. They were originally supposed to film Kenneth, Mat, Sisley, etc. looking everywhere for Kent, who has suicidal tendencies. In the end, Mat makes it in time on a motorcycle, rescuing him out from the village house fire explosion. Unexpectedly, there was an accident when Mat was riding the motorcycle.

Kenneth said, "[They] were filming Mat's motorcycle scene, talking about us separating to look for Kent. Mat on one side, Me and Sisley on one side, and Ngo Ka Nin on one side. They were filming Mat riding on a motorcycle to look for Kent. I knew afterward. We did go on site to look. Already saw Mat sitting. Saw that his knee was injured. When I saw him, he did not say that it hurt a lot. I saw that his knee was very serious, so quite worried about him".

Sisley said that, at the time, she was not on site, and also did not go to see him: "But heard them say that it was quite serious. My only hope is that it is a surface injury...able to be better faster, return faster, and able to return to filming".

When asked about the length of rest he would need considering the current condition of his injury, Kenneth frankly said that he did not dare to guess: "I think that it is not a short time. Looking at the condition of his injury, actually need to get an X-ray. Hope that it is not as serious as what was seen. Hope that he quickly returns to filming".

Regarding Kent expressing that he hopes that the company does not recast the role, Kenneth feels that the company does have the intention to give this character to Mat: "His character is quite three-dimensional. Quite good to do. The character has a slight mental illness. For him, it is a character with a lot of execution. Like Kent said, I do not mind halting a bit. Wait for him to get better, and then film again. I do not mind".

Sisley said that Mat is her elder brother in the series: "He and I filmed a few scenes. We have a lot of chemistry between us. Also hope that Mat continues being the character, so waiting for him is a very good thing". The two both expressed that their schedules would also accommodate Mat.

Kenneth also said, when filming "Casino Heroes" with Mat, their relationship was like the God of Gamblers and Lung Ng: "We had a lot of chemistry for the entire series. I think that he is a very hardworking actor, so do not want him to miss this opportunity. I will wait for him. I do not mind. My schedule would also accommodate him. My contract with TVB has not expired yet. Ha ha! As long as Mat gets better and returns. (See him after getting off work?) Will. Hope that there is nothing wrong with him".

*Credits to stheadline, TVBUSAofficial, veuue.se, mingpao, moreforms, and gztv

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