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Friday, June 17, 2016

Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan Returning to TVB to Push Ratings


Allegedly, TVB has recently found Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan to return to film the new web series "Woman Who Does Not Know How to Flirt". This series will temporarily be like "Come with Me", broadcasting on myTV SUPER. This time, the two will be challenging a 4K UHD production. This time is also TVB's first time using 4K to film a series, with 4K having a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which has four times the pixels as the typical Full HD 1080p. Apart from Frankie and Jessica, this series also has current TVB first-line siu sang and fa dan Vincent Wong and Natalie tong taking part in filming.

Serious Enough When Returning to Film Series

Frankie jumped ship to HKTV earlier. Allegedly, the main reason for returning to TVB to film a series this time was because the production team is entirely those who previously jumped ship from TVB to HKTV, including producer Kwan Shu Ming and copy editor Chu Keng Kei. TVB also attaches great importance to this series. Allegedly, behind-the-scenes staff members, such as hair, makeup, costume, editing, etc. are outsourced...an extremely serious production. When reporters contacted Frankie to verify, he admitted that he has indeed accepted this series, frankly saying that he is very happy to collaborate this time; however, Frankie expressed that, at the beginning of July, TVB will hold a press conference...will talk in detail then.

Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong Greatly Anticipating

When Vincent and Natalie accepted an interview, they frankly said that they are very happy to be able to collaborate with two senior-level actors. Vincent expressed that his role this time is also very special. Vincent said, "I worked with Jessica in 'Gun Metal Grey' and 'Tiger Cubs', so also very familiar. As for Frankie, really my first time collaborating. As for Natalie, I also have not collaborated with her before. Believe that there are also a lot of sparks with Natalie. Before performing, we also have some preparations". Natalie was tight-lipped about the details of this series: "Have to wait for the official press conference before announcing it. Only know that the company also attaches great importance to this series. (Would you be worried having to film in 4K?) Have not really understood this aspect yet, but really greatly anticipating this series".

Personal Note: Only broadcasting online?!

Sheren Tang was rumoured to be leading this series earlier, but I guess it has been changed to Jessica.

*Credits to on.cc

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