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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tavia Yeung and Him Law Holding Wedding Banquet on October 2nd


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Newlyweds Him Law and Tavia Yeung went to Causeway Bay to attend an unveiling ceremony for a beauty centre. The two wore a red suit and gown, looking like a newlywed couple! They, who said that they would have happy matters to announce, disclosed that they would be holding a wedding banquet at a hotel in the Kowloon area on October 2nd. Him said that they would do their best to have as many tables as possible, but temporarily do not know the number of tables. Tavia said that the entire day that day is a good day, and they are currently planning the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. When the two were asked by MC Bob Lam about how they found their new married life, Him said, "Pleasant. Every day is fresh like having just dated!" Tavia said, "Openly dating!" Regarding whether they were able to spend more time together after marriage, Him said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, while Tavia bluntly said, "Making money is more important!"

Making Money from More Jobs After Marriage

When the two were asked in an interview about whether the fee for attending an event together for the first time after marriage was the tail end of a six-figure sum that was rumoured earlier, Him laughingly said that two people attending an event is definitely more than one person, while Tavia expressed that there are definitely six figures. After hearing this, Him added, "Never experienced this before within these few years". When asked whether there were more commercial jobs inviting the two to attend together after marriage, Tavia said, "Yes. (Mainland reality shows?) Have come into contact, but have to have two people accommodating. He has to film a series, so he is busier".

Trying for a Baby After Holding Wedding Banquet

The reporters laughingly said that they thought that they were announcing that they were having a baby. Him laughingly said, "Next time!" Tavia expressed hoping that she would be able to maintain her figure at their wedding banquet, thereby would only start trying for a baby after the wedding. Regarding holding the wedding banquet on October 2nd, the two expressed that an auspicious date was selected. Regarding the number of tables they would be having, Tavia said, "Expecting 40 to 50 tables. (Bridesmaids?) Want to ask Christine Ng and Sharon Chan. Natalie Tong and Sire Ma recommended themselves!" As for the groomsmen, Him said, "I just returned to Hong Kong. Have not contacted anyone, but want to ask Ron Ng and Vincent Wong". He expressed that, if time permits, he would return to Hong Kong to help with the wedding. Because the two took their wedding pictures in England, [he] hopes that the wedding would have a castle, and he would also help come up with the theme. Tavia revealed that she would be picking out a wedding dress and a Chinese wedding dress.

'Signed to Him Law'

When Tavia, who has already left TVB, was asked which company she has chosen to sign, She laughingly said, "I have signed to him (Him), so he is busy making money. My attitude is that I want to film series. Have also discussed with TVB. If the timing and script are right, I would film! (Keep being a free agent?) Yes. Want to see more. Now mainly resting my body". Regarding whether she would follow Charmaine Sheh and start up her own workshop, she said, "I am a beginner. In the process of learning. If doing it with freedom, I am afraid of not being able to handle it. Would consider it if there were a partner or an alternative collaboration!"

At the event, Him and Tavia did not wear their wedding rings. They explained that it was because they are not used to wearing accessories. Tavia even said, "Take [the wedding ring] off when working. Precious things are left at home!"

Sharon Chan Being a Bridesmaid: Tell Him Law to Eat a Hangover Pill in Advance

In an interview, Sharon said, "Christine [Ng] is definitely drinking for [her]. She is the best at drinking. I am used to doing PR. In terms of public relations things, let me do it! From what I know about Him, he really cannot drink. Tell him to eat a hangover pill in advance!" When asked how much they planned on receiving for the red pocket to fetch the bride, Sharon laughingly said, "Wow! This big red pocket definitely cannot be left out! They are both so rich. Six figures!"

Ron Ng Being a Groomsman: Reveals Him Law Giving a Seven-Figure Red Pocket to Fetch the Bride?

Ron has known Tavia for many years and is also quite close to Him, so the two are already counting on Ron to be a groomsman.

Being a Groomsman for the First Time

Ron frankly said that he has already received the two's notification, and even said that he has never been a groomsman before. He laughingly said, "I really have to do some research. Slightly scared. I really am new to the job and do not have experience. Also don't know the type of ritual and what the dress code is. If he needs me to wear shorts then, I also have to prepare in advance. (If he tells you to wear swim trucks, you also have to wear it!) That big of a matter?! However, the two of them getting married, I definitely have to do my bit. Don't have to say for Tavia! Him is a guy I really admire; we also have a close relationship in private".

Helping Him Law Hold Christine Ng Back

After hearing that Sharon, who is being a bridesmaid, has already said that they will require a six-figure red pocket to fetch the bride, Ron immediately laughing said, "Do you know how much is the two's combined wealth?! Don't talk about money with Him; six figures is definitely not a problem for him! Really have nothing to say once he gives the bridesmaids seven figures!" Regarding Christine, who is known for being crazy, being one of the bridesmaids, Ron jokingly said, "Christine...this one I call her 'Mom'! I will help Him hold her back until the entire matter is handled, and then I will get of the way".

Vincent Wong Supporting Him Law: Doing Whatever He Tells Me to Do in His Place

When Vincent got married back then, Him was also his groomsman, so he laughingly said that he would be helping Him. Vincent said in an interview: "As a brother, obviously one stop services! Doing whatever he tells me to do in his place. He is known for not being able to drink. When having to drink in his place, leave it to us!"

Regarding Christine and Sharon being bridesmaids, Vincent immediately said, "Hearing Christine and Sharon, these two names, also very pressured. Also expecting having to play many 'dangerous' games then, so I think I have to train in advance in these few months. (Train what? Train your muscles?) Fitness! Courage!"

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