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Monday, June 27, 2016

Kenneth Ma Reveals That Patrick Tse Has Not Recovered from Injury: Expected to Return to Work at the End of July to Make Up Scenes


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The Wong Jing produced TVB Series "Casino Heroes", starring Kenneth Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Louisa Mak, Monica Chan, Dominic Ho, etc. held a press conference. The series' lead, Patrick Tse, and Natalis Chan did not attend. Because a traffic accident involving a multiple-vehicle collision occurred while Patrick was on the ride to the filming site in Shenzhen, resulting in a fracture on his left rib that has yet to be fully recovered, he was unable attend the press conference. Kenneth revealed that Patrick's injury is quite serious. At the moment, expecting that it will not be until the end of July that it will be a full recovery. Will return to work then to make up for over a day of scenes. These scenes will also be arranged to be completed in Hong Kong to not make it hard for Patrcik.

Charmaine Sheh and Monica Chan Have a History

Although Charmaine did not accept an interview, she revealed on stage that she and Monica have a history. Charmaine said that her first series was a collaboration with Monica, and did not expect that she would film a series again after a period of time, and they also had an opportunity to collaborate. Monica is even her master!

[062716] Kenneth Ma: Facebook Live @ Oriental Sunday

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