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Thursday, May 21, 2015

《愛情食物鏈》 "Love Food Chain" Costume Fitting



Date: May 21, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《愛情食物鏈》
Pinyin title: Oi Ching Sik Mat Lin
Temporary English title: "Love Food Chain"
Producer: Tsui Ching Hong

Attending Cast: Kitty Yuen, King Kong, Jason Chan, Samantha Ko, Timothy Cheng, Poon Chi Man, Erin Wong, Stephanie Ho, Brian Tse, Lau Kong, Lee Kwok Lun, C Kwan, Choi Kwok Hing, Susan Tse, Angelina Lo, Griselda Yeung, Paisley Hu, Ronald Law, and Yu Yeung.

Time: 13:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

J2 Clip


- Kitty Yuen will play Kai Fong (佳芳), who has a romantic storyline with Jason Chan and King Kong.
- King Kong will play a rich second generation. He is a low-quality guy.
- Jason will play Lau Pak Yip (劉柏業).
- Samantha Ko will play Hestia Ko Fan (高芬), a girl who sells fish who wants to marry into a wealthy family. She dresses up nicely when she goes out with Jason. She and Kitty both fall in love with Jason. She takes the initiative to pursue Jason, and she also has a romantic relationship with King Kong and Timothy Cheng.
- Timothy will play Jason's uncle.
- Poon Chi Man and Susan Tse will play a married couple.
- Erin Wong will play a pure university student. She is Kitty's younger sister. She has boyfriend Ronald Law, and always wants to marry him, but he thinks that she is a bit stupid. C Kwan always does things for her.
- Brian Tse will play a recent university graduate who studied media. He really likes filming things, and ends up liking Stephanie Ho.
- Paisley Hu will play a web celebrity. She and Samantha both like Jason; Samantha is young, pretty, and has a good figure, so she feels that she is a threat.

Visit @ J2 Clip (060615)

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Visit @ ontv Clip (070115)

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Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (081015)

Completion Banquet @ GZTV Clip (081115)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Love as a Predatory Affair".

Personal Note: This is not another installment of "Neighborhood Gourmet", and is indeed a series with Kitty and King Kong as the leads.... This has to be the weakest cast ever!

*Credits to the-sun, gztv, TVBUSAofficial, stheadline, and Weibo

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