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Monday, May 4, 2015

Eliza Sam Has to Pray Before Hitting Kenneth Ma


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Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong, Louis Yuen, Mat Yeung, etc. were filming the series "Gluttonous Detective". Originally, a scene where Eliza seduces Mat by jogging in a tank top was to be filmed; however, in the end, because of the weather, it was cancelled.

The scene was about private investigators Kenneth and Louis sending out Eliza to carry out seduction by jogging in a tank top, and Priscilla even had to tear her tank top; however, Mat did not get swayed. In the end, Louis had to pretend to have fainted, requiring him to give Louis CPR to see whether he is a homosexual.

Because it was too foggy, Eliza's jogging scene was cancelled. Eliza laughingly said that she was fully prepared for this scene, as she got out of bed at 5am, wore two bras, and tried all the ways in which an accident may happen, so she feels dejected to not be able to film it in the end. After hearing this, Priscilla immediately teased Eliza: "For ratings, can also not wear anything!" After hearing this, Eliza said with a big reaction, "Cannot. It was not written like that in the script!"

Kenneth previously expressed his wish to ask the producer to add a kiss scene with Eliza, but it has not been successful. Regarding being revealed by Kenneth to have been the first to successfully add a scene where she slaps him, Eliza said with a pleased look: "I used money! Actually, when filming, bought egg tarts and barbecued pork pastries for the people around me, hoping for more NGs! (Kenneth praised you for hitting him such that it did not hurt but was also on target!) Actually, it also pains me because I do not know how to hit people. Must hit the right position, and it also must not hurt. Before filming, also had to pray".

Kenneth, who does not specialize in being funny, said that he has improved quite a bit from collaborating with Louis this time. Because Louis frequently improvises, he also could not handle it at first. He said, "He would do ten things. In the past, I would only be able to follow through once. Now, able to follow through four times". Kenneth also highly praised Eliza for having potential in filming slapping scenes. He said, "She slaps on target and also loud enough...has potential in filming action scenes".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... A slapping scene instead of a kiss scene, and then Eliza's cheeky response about using bribes and hoping for more NGs! :P

*Credits to the-sun and stheadline

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