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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

《末代御醫》 "The Last Imperial Physician" Blessing Ceremony



Date: May 12, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《末代御醫》
Pinyin title: Moot Doi Yue Yi
Temporary English title: "The Last Imperial Physician"
Producer: Nelson Cheung

Attending Cast: Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Ngo Ka Nin, JJ Jia, Jazz Lam, Helena Law, Cheung Wing Hong, Rebecca Zhu, Eileen Yeow, Choi Kwok Hing, Lee Yee Man, William Hu, Pauline Chow, Yu Chi Ming, Rainky Wai, Chan Wing Chun, Janice Shum, Lee Ka Ting, Amy Fan, Ricky Wong, Regen Cheung, Stanley Cheung, Kirby Lam, Kong Wing Fai, Hebe Chan, Kong Fu Keung, Ha Ping, Lam King Kong, Helen Ng, Russell Cheung, So Yan Chi, Lee Kai Kit, Eddie Li, Kimmi Tsui, Ricky Lee, Athena Ng, Otto Wong, Ice Chow, Hero Yuen, Jonathan Lee, Cho Sze Sze, Ivan Yau, Cheung Sze Yan, Cherry Cheung, Brian Thomas Burrell, Kenny Chan, and Eddie Pang.

Time: 16:00
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio 15


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ontv Clip

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Yu Le Xing Tian Di Clip



- 22 episodes long.
- In July, there will be location filming in Panyu and Foshan for ten-plus days.
- The story is about Cixi and the death of the emperor. Did he die of illness or was it caused by Cixi?
- The series hopes to, from the perspective of a person involved in medicine, clearly see the encounters and traces of the final two emperors, and how people actually view Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi, talking about the mother-son relationship between Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi.
- Roger Kwok will play an imperial physician who treats Guangxu. He is the emperor's good friend, and is responsible for investigating cases. He is considered a villain, as he will cross the boundaries to investigate the cause of a disease and become entangled in palace struggles.
- Tavia Yeung will play an orthopedic physician among the people. She is a bonesetter who knows martial arts. Her family opens a bone-setting clinic, so she is good at reconnecting dislocated bones and dislocating the bones of bad guys. She and Roger complement each other; from meeting each other to becoming friends, the two also witness the fall of this dynasty. In the beginning, the two have a lot of friction, and they also have different political views. However, during this process, the two also realize the darkness of politics. Should a physician regard saving people and helping those in distress as his or her responsibility? When they encounter the political power struggle, how should they face it and make a decision? She and Roger try to cure JJ, but are unable to do so in the end. Before his status as a married man is revealed, she and Roger are in sync with each other, but in the end, her special identity changes their relationship; this is also the subtle relationship among the three of them. She enters the palace as an orthopedic physician.
- Ngo Ka Nin will play the Guangxu Emperor (光緒), who dies in the final episode. Although he is the emperor, he always gets attacked by his mother, Empress Dowager Cixi; in the end, he is put under house arrest in the Forbidden City.
- JJ Jia will play a muscular dystrophy patient. In her youth, because of an accident, she was left paralyzed on one side of her body, so she is in a wheelchair. Her father saved Roger's father, so he has been promised to take care of her for her entire life. She is Roger's wife.
- Jazz Lam will play Ge Gen (葛根), an imperial bodyguard. He and Tavia are friends who grew up together.
- Helena Law will play Empress Dowager Cixi (慈嬉), who makes people afraid.
- Cheung Wing Hong dates Rainky Wai, his wife is Regen Cheung, and Amy Fan is his secret lover.
- Rebecca will play Consort Zhen (珍妃). She and Ngo Ka Nin have a tragic love story; in the end, the two are put under house arrest in different places, causing her to pull a long face all day.
- Lee Yee Man will play Consort Jin (瑾妃).
- Rainky will play Princess Deling (德齡), who is of Chinese and French descent. She is a Westerner, so she has to speak English. Because Westerners are rather open, she will have many intimate scenes. She has a romantic storyline with Jazz and Cheung Wing Hong.
- Regen will play Youlan (幼蘭).
- Kirby Lam will play Princess Wojia (涴佳), who will not appear.
- Athena Ng will play Helena's servant.
- Barry Cox will play a boxing champion.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Last Healer in Forbidden City".

Personal Note: I spot some familiar regal costumes!

*Credits to tavia.org, the-sun, mingpao, bastillepost, 56, yulexingtiandi, gztv, taviayeung.com, tudou, youku, and 鹿小儀

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