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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flora Chan Has Fun Filming First Comedy


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Ben Wong, Flora Chan, Ali Lee, and Tony Hung went to Sai Kung to do location filming for TVB's new series "Good Morning, Boss". The storyline was about secretaries Flora and Ali, in a Lara Croft look, using a bow and arrow to shoot their bosses, Ben and Tony, who were dressed up as targets.

In the series, Flora and Ben kill each other a lot. Flora laughingly said, "He bullied me for twenty episodes...definitely have to shoot him!" She also said that she has not filmed a comedy, and feels that it is very fun. Ben highly praised her for having potential: "She is quite crazy. Would also sometimes think of ideas to put into [the series]. Her comedic talent is also okay". When asked whether she wanted to film a comedy again, Flora said, "It doesn't matter. All in all, [must be] at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people. Will film if everything is right. This time, also have to be ugly. We did our best to be funny. (Want to film series afterward?) Will film if the time is right. I also like this industry...like to act".

A Collaboration That Has Chemistry

The two also revealed that they have kiss scenes. Ben laughingly said, "Don't have to ask about these. Definitely have it. If there are none, add it myself!" Flora, who laughed with amusement, said that, if it were required in the plot, she would also concentrate when doing it. Regarding Ben and Flora collaborating for the first time, Flora immediately said with a slight laugh, "I have watched him since I was young. He just doesn't believe it. I already watched him before I entered the industry. (How do you feel about him after collaborating with him?) Very good. The both of us are very professional...have a lot of chemistry".

Tony Hung and Ali Lee Quarrel

In the series, Ali frequently gets tortured by Tony, but Tony complained about getting bullied by her outside of the series. Ali revealed that he is narcissistic: "At most, I would say that he always follows the camera. Regardless of where the camera is, he would have a chok face!" She also said that, when filming intimate scenes, Tony has particularly more ideas, laughingly saying that his moves are rather undependable. Tony laughingly said, "Before filming, I think of many filming methods, such as sitting on the table, and tossing and turning in the bed, but the director does not buy any of them". When asked whether he would be afraid of rumoured girlfriend Natalie Tong getting jealous about the two quarrelling, Tony frankly said no.

*Credits to the-sun, stheadline, and gztv

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