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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Eliza Sam Slaps Jacqueline Wong


Ming Pao Clip

Eliza Sam and Jacqueline Wong were on Victoria Peak filming the new series "Gluttonous Detective". In this scene, because of fighting over a guy, Eliza slaps Jacqueline in the face. The storyline arranged for Jacqueline and Nicholas Yuen, who plays her boyfriend, to have a picnic in the grass. The two sweetly feed each other cake. Eliza suddenly fiercely interrupts the scene, kicking away their food. When Jacqueline gets up to reason with her, she suddenly gets slapped by Eliza, and her boyfriend is also snatched away. The two females were very immersed when filming the scene of them fighting over the guy. Eliza's hitting action was also very ruthless, but it was actually a fake action!

Able to Fake the Position with Camera Angles

Eliza and Jacqueline accepted an interview together. Eliza said that, filming this series, there are particularly more opportunities to slap others. The other day, she slapped Kenneth Ma. Because the camera was filming closely, it was difficult to [use camera angles]. In addition, males are better at enduring it, so she really slapped Kenneth; it also pained her. Regarding slapping Jacqueline, because the camera was filming from afar, she was able to fake the position, so she did not slap her in the face. Eliza said, "Really cannot bear to and also do not want to hurt her".

Would Rather Get Slapped Than Feed the Opposite Sex

Jacqueline said that she did not mind getting hit by Eliza when compared to having to feed Nicholas cake; this is the two's first collaboration, and it was very awkward having to pretend to be infatuated upon meeting for the first time. Jacqueline revealed that she also has to feed Kenneth and Oscar Leung food. Eliza laughingly said, "You are also very incredible!" Jacqueline said that she would rather get slapped than feed each other cake because you would gain weight from eating too much cake!

[050515] Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong & Jacqueline Wong @ 《1圈圈》

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Jacqueline saying 「做得好」 after Eliza said that she just filmed a scene where she slapped Ma Ming.... :P

*Credits to mingpao and 日見夫婦粉絲團

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