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Monday, May 5, 2014

Wong Cho Lam Persuading Kay Tse to Film Series to 'Get Revenge'


J2 Clip

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"Extra" Clip

Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Bob Lam, May Chan, Kaki Leung, etc. were in Tseung Kwan O TVB City filming the new series "Inbound Troubles II".

Cho Lam expressed that, this time, the company has spent close to a million to build a supermarket filming set. Not only real food and fruits have been used, but even the cash register and the cooler are real. There are 80 scenes filmed in the supermarket set. This day of filming was about them shopping for discounted items in the supermarket.

Cho Lam also revealed not have many scenes with girlfriend Leanne Li in the series: "The script is written by me. Leanne mainly has scenes with Louis Cheung. (Do the two have any intimate scenes?) Well, I will not arrange it like that because they already had a kiss scene when previously filming 'Black Heart White Soul'. I have to actively persuade Kay Tse to film series...kiss her back".

May's look in the series was teased by Cho Lam for resembling Cheon Song Yi, but she denied imitating her, laughingly saying that she wanted to imitate Vivian Chow. She, who was wearing a wig that was close to $10,000, revealed having many looks in the series, including a palace look.

May has given her first onscreen kiss to Bob this time to film this series. She said, "Afterward, will also have a bed scene with Bob. Very worried...don't know what clothes to wear. Previously, Bob obtained by onscreen and real-life first kiss; however, after the kiss, I really wanted to say, 'Next time, give me a better one. Thanks!'" She also does not understand why Cho Lam had to write three pages of the script for a bed scene.

Bob said that there are two scenes in which he is really anticipating. One is a kiss scene with Joey, while the other is a bed scene with May.

Cho Lam laughingly said, "I persuaded May for a long time. The bed scenes will not be overdone. May is like Linda Chung...a healthy sexiness".

Joey expressed that her character in the series faints easily, and also does not have self-confidence. Joey expressed that Bob portrays her boyfriend in the series, so the two will have a kiss scene, but May steals him afterward. She laughingly said, "He said that my waist is absurd; this phrase was added in by Bob himself". She and Roger Kwok will also have a kiss scene this time. When asked what was her husband's opinion, Joey said, "My husband asked me how Bob and I were going to kiss. I answered that, once Bob kisses me, I will cry".

Personal Note: When TVBE visited this set earlier, the name of the supermarket was revealed to be 「優富」 (which sounds like 'pulling up pants'), and there was also a brand called 「霧牌」 (which sounds like 'counterfeit')! :P

Pretty convenient for the cast to have access to food while filming in a 'supermarket'! ;)

Can't wait to watch this series...hope that it makes it in time for this year's awards presentation!

*Credits to wenweipo, cholam路邊社, and leerainrain

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