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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

《天眼》 "Eye in the Sky" Costume Fitting



Date: May 7, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《天眼》
Pinyin title: Tin Ngaan
Temporary English title: "Eye in the Sky"
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu

Attending Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Lau Kong, Lin Xia Wei, Jade Leung, Samantha Ko, Vivien Yeo, Susan Tse, Law Lok Lam, Wai Ka Hung, Becky Lee, Cheung Wing Hong, David Lo, Angelina Lo, Tyson Chak, Celine Ma, Fanny Ip, Gogo Cheung, Janice Shum, Moses Cheng, Kelvin Chan, Barry Cox, Calvin Chan, Hero Yuen, Judy Tsang, Ip Ting Chi, Matthew Chu, Terrence Huang, Alex Lam, Tony Yee, and Mikako Leung.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One


Pearl Clip

"Scoop" Clip

"Extra" Clip

TVB8 Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 20 episodes long.
- Although the eye in the sky can see the process of a criminal case when it occurs, must rely on the conscience in order to find the real truth. This series will set out from the perspective of human nature, using Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan, good friends who are like brothers, and the experiences they each have under different environments, to develop the story. In between, there are many lighthearted scenarios; it is not a heavy investigative series.
- Kevin and Ruco will play twin brothers. The elder one is a cop. The younger one is bad guy; when doing something bad, he was caught by the eye in the sky. Because they look the same, this ended up harming the elder brother. Afterward, the younger brother gets plastic surgery, and becomes Ruco.
- Kevin will play Szeto Sun (司徒舜), a monomaniac who is unsociable and difficult to comprehend. He is obsessed with solving cases and investigating cases; this is his life's everything. He was originally a cop. Afterward, because of some matters, he leaves the police force, and becomes a hotel security guard. Facing the criminal cases that happen in the hotel, he would use his strengths to investigate. He and Ruco are like brothers. Afterward, he accidentally discovers Ruco's dark side. He and Tavia Yeung have a kiss scene that will constantly be replayed in the series. He will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia and Ruco.
- Ruco will play Cheng Lik Hang (鄭力行). He is cheerful and humourous on the surface, but has a dark side accumulated inside. Initially, he does not even know it himself; however, after ten-plus episodes, his dark side that is unbeknownst to others gets revealed. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing who is extremely villainous. He and the viewers will be discovering his weak points at the same time; this transformation is one of the key points of the entire series.
- Tavia will play Ng Chan Nei (吳珍妮), a private investigator with an extraordinary retentive memory. Her father always thinks that he is a very incredible private investigator, so their family manages a private investigation agency. She is an adorable silly girl. She is clever and sensible, but is also a slovenly and casual homebody. She and Samantha Ko are good friends. To avoid her father's matchmaking, she tells him that she is a lesbian, and kisses Samantha in front of him. She falls in love with Kevin at first sight, but does not really like his monomaniacal personality. In the end, she gets captivated by Ruco's sense of humour. She gets caught in between Kevin's looks and Ruco's personality, making it difficult for her to choose.
- Tony Hung will play Ah Fu (阿富), a hooligan. He and Ruco are good friends who have known each other since they were young. He intentionally gets close to Samantha in an attempt to swindle money from her, but ends up developing real feelings. He tries to please Celine Ma. He is a playboy, but it is to cover up his thief identity.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Wong Nga Ching (黃雅晴), a police constable. Kevin is her idol and senior. She has a crush on Kevin, her superior.
- Jade Leung will play Kevin's good longtime friend. She, who has already married into a rich and powerful family, had a crush on Kevin when she was younger. When she sees Kevin enduring difficulty, she brings trouble to herself by becoming a witness to help him clear the criminal charge.
- Samantha will play Lam Ling (藍菱), an investigator who does not have the brains of an investigator and frequently makes mistakes. She and Tavia are good friends. She is a wealthy girl. She opens a private investigation agency and investigates cases with Tavia. She is very smitten with Tony Hung. She and Tony Hung are a couple.
- Vivien Yeo will play a fighter girl. She will have a nude yoga scene.
- Susan Tse will play Kwok Hoi Yiu (郭凱瑤), a novelist who does not know how to get along with others. She does not have children, and she is single. She gets entangled in many cases.
- Yu Yeung will play Ng Chor Chi (吳佐治), Tavia's father.
- King Kong will play a gang leader.
- So Yan Chi will play a taxi driver who is a killer in one of the cases.

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (052814)

Blessing Ceremony @ Pearl Clip (053014)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (052814)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (052914)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip (060414)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip (060514)

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Visit @ myTV Clip (071014)

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Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (081014)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (081114)

Introduction @ "Scoop" Clip (022715)




獨家幕後! 嘉穎楊怡鴛鴦戲水

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Personal Note: Plastic surgery?! o_O

Kevin Cheng's look reminds me of Roger's look in "D.I.E."

Tavia's look is not as messy as the internal fitting.

Kisses between girls seem to be a trend in TVB series now.

*Credits to tavia.org, leerainrain, hellochinpang, taviayeung.com, the-sun, tvb.com, metrodaily, and Weibo


  1. Think i would the version shown in the Sales Presentation, why suddenly add in Kevin to make it a love-triangle? plastic surgery to change the whole face? sort of completely ruins Ruco's character already.

  2. I like the original story where Ruco plays as the eye in the sky programmer and Tavia as the sniper(killer)

  3. I think Tavia might be pregnant because 1. she looks like she gained weight 2. Her character was changed, if she were to be an assassin she would have to do a lot of action scenes which would be dangerous.