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Sunday, May 4, 2014

"The Conquerors" Episode 1

Hosts: Edmond So, Remus Choy, Calvin Choy, Kay Tse, Chin Ka Lok & Bob Lam

Guests: Sammy Leung, Kitty Yuen, King Kong & Kandy Wong

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Grasshopper on "The Green Room"

"The Conquerors" Theme Song MV

"The Gang" - Grasshopper & Kay Tse

聯群結隊 《快樂聯盟》 主題曲 - 草蜢/謝安琪

作曲: Damon Tsui
填詞: 天旋
編曲/監製: 黃安弘

男:世界有太多需索 天天多工作要趕 等天光先可說晚安
男:世界有太多束縛 一關一關我要闖 不開心聽不到問安

女:想開心不需要什麼什麼 你太慣了獨來獨往
男:應該聯同拍檔 齊去幹
男:先知道友情傳遞快樂 (女:小小挫折別又去抓狂)

男:實在我想法太糊塗 吃不到那葡萄 遞來蛋糕 你別要申訴
男:如期望高到 玩樂也不保 就是能達到 怎麼叫好 (女:以逸待勞)
男:想與你同途 我不會再潛逃

合:想法太糊塗 吃不到那葡萄 遞來蛋糕 你別要申訴
男:如期望高到 玩樂也不保 就是能達到 怎麼叫好 (女:以逸待勞)
男:想與你同途 我不會再潛逃

FYI: The first episode of "The Conquerors" averaged 22 points.

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  1. @hyn5: Is this the entire episode one of The Conquerors? If its not do you have the link to the full episode one of The Conquerors? Thanks for the upload. :D

  2. i quite enjoyed this new variety show! especially towards the end when they got to see all the hard work the workers have to do to maintain the mtr tracks. definitely made me appreciate it more. and i love the dynamics of these six people! very fun and entertaining to watch! :)

  3. anywhere i can find this in english sub? maybe in the near future? so sad that the show's already on it's last episode