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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Joey Meng Not Meaty: Despised by Bob Lam


ontv Clip


The night before, Joey Meng, Bob Lam, and May Chan were filming the new series "Inbound Troubles II" dressed up as Tony Leung and 'Fat and Skinny Maggie Cheung' in the movie "In the Mood for Love". Joey, who was wearing a tight-fitted qi pao, revealed that, in order to wear the costume, she did not dare to eat: "This qi pao is really tight. Wore it immediately after trying it on. Did not even eat...will eat after completing filming".

Regarding being despised by Bob in this series, Joey laughingly said that it was very fun: "The storyline is about Bob and May being discovered by me when having an affair in the middle of the night. Afterward, Bob gets upset, despising my figure for being 'absurd', so he wants to break up with me...very funny and very fun. (Have a kiss scene with Bob?) As long as he is serious when kissing, then I can handle it...don't fool around to make me laugh. (Husband complained?) Would not! (Do you have any bed scenes with male lead Roger Kwok?) When the mood comes, let's see!"

Obtains First Onscreen Kiss

May appeared in a qi pao and two-inch heels. Every time the cameras stopped rolled, she kept saying that her feet hurt and had to change her shoes, even having to put tissue to ground to end the matter on one occasion. She, who wore a qi pao for the first time, frankly said that she could not breathe: "When I had a fitting, I told everyone that I lost 20 pounds. In the end, a smaller qi pao was made, so now I have to wear a girdle in order for it to work. Can't even breathe, and the buttons keep popping out". Bob, who was on the side, immediately praised her for being hot: "I'm getting a nosebleed from seeing her. Her qi pao look makes the guys smitten with her!"

When it was mentioned that Bob is fortunate to be caught in between the 'Fat and Skinny Maggie Cheung', he laughingly said that he obtained May's 'first kiss': "She gave her precious onscreen and real-life first kiss to me!" After hearing this, May immediately complained, "I don't care whom it is with. All in all, must kiss better for the next one".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... "In the Mood for Love" again?! This movie was just parodied in "Queen Divas"! :P

*Credits to the-sun

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