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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kenneth Ma Wants to Kiss Niki Chow as a Commemoration



J2 Clip


Kenneth Ma, Niki Chow, Mandy Wong, etc. were in Tseung Kwan O TVB City filming a firework-snatching scene for the remake series "The Misadventure of Zoo". Because of the hot weather, Kenneth filmed until he was full of sweat. Afterward, he frankly said that it was so labourious that he wanted to die, even more labourious than playing soccer. In addition, there are still a few days of filming.

In the series, Niki, who plays a couple with Kenneth, revealed that, to earn money to marry her, Kenneth thinks of ways to snatch the fireworks to win the reward money, even cleaning toilets and wailing at funerals. When asked whether the two had intimate scenes in the series, Niki revealed that Kenneth previously requested adding intimate scenes. She laughingly said, "However, he is all talk...should not be courageous enough. However, if the plot requires it, it has nothing to do with it". Kenneth explained wanting to add kiss scenes as a commemoration: "To commemorate the first collaboration, or else would forget having collaborated before. (Not afraid of her boyfriend being jealous?) It doesn't matter. Would not be overdone on television. (Can do it to your heart's content when filming movies?) Haven't tried it before! Also greatly anticipating it".

Niki revealed having to portray 17 years old to 70 years old in the series...must try many different looks...can say that it is a big challenge. Earlier, tried an old look, and also had to have a hunchback. Although the result was very realistic, had back pain after completing filming.

In the series, Mandy goes from being a servant to a spy, having to act as a cat girl, as well as wear a bathrobe...many looks. She said, "Later, there is also a major song and dance scene...have to dress sexily and kick". There is a scene where she has to wear black stockings, and also has to learn how to smoke a water pipe, but she does not know how to smoke, so she can only pretend. She said that her role is a new addition, so there is no pressure. In addition, her scenes are mainly with Luk Wing and Ku Ming Wah; the two are very humourous and frequently improvising...filming very happily.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... A kiss to commemorate the collaboration! :P

Ha ha.... Ma Ming is like a little kid...every time he finishes a shot, Niki gives him a piece of candy as a reward. :P

*Credits to kennethma.org, wenweipo, and the-sun


  1. Ma Ming dressed like a butcher.Are you selling meat or cha sui ? Soooo funny !

    1. looking forward to his new series