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Monday, May 19, 2014

Steven Ma Gives Song to Dad as Father's Day Gift



The short film that Steven Ma produced for his new song, 《爸士》, premiered. Steven's father used to be a bus driver. This time, he hopes to use the new song to profess to his father. In the short film, he sat in the bus driver's seat for the first time. He expressed feeling a very surging mood. He said, "My dad has retired for ten years, but still remembers the days of being a bus driver. The new song is a Father's Day gift. Dad still does not know yet. Last year, made a song for Mom. This year, giving one to Dad".

Steven also said that his father has blood pressure problems in recent years. On holidays, would also accompany him to get a health examination. As a son or daughter, should take the initiative more: "Hong Kong people are rather reserved toward fatherly love. Care for him, but would not say it out. In these few years, I have had more physical contact with my dad, but still cannot say 'I love you'. Hope to use this song to encourage Hong Kong people to take the initiative more". When asked whether his father has urged him to get married, Steven frankly said, "Would want it in his heart, but would not say it out".

When talking about him slapping his son in the short film, Steven emphasized, "That slap was fake. I myself do not support corporal punishment. In my whole life, Dad has only hit me once because I secretly went mountain climbing, and the housewife next door told on me. In the end, he hit me with a rattan". He also thinks that children should be taught since they are young...cannot spoil them. In addition, Steven acted as the producer this time, and also participated in the editing...hope to be able to create even more productions in the future.

爸士 - 馬浚偉

作曲/編曲/監製: Johnny Yim
填詞: 林若寧

和他 一起走過的公路
陪我 把街燈逐串細數
年輕 的我未明白到
勤勞的他背起 一家的苦惱

從不 聽到他說出心事 
何以 他辛苦也怕我知
而他 這一生那大志
但求一家吃飽 他依足倦透的班次 

孩兒望爸爸 辛酸知道嗎
讓我再講一聲 最坦率一句答謝他

人生 他即使過得不易
煩惱 笑一笑像前塵往事
歲月輪軚 每一天故事也相似

孩兒望爸爸 辛酸知道嗎
讓我再講一聲 最坦率一句答謝他

如今 他天天幹些瑣事
提我 記得要淡忘煩惱事
在搖搖椅 看他的笑臉最真摯
望著生命飛馳 更要珍惜下次

Steven Ma on "The Green Room"

Personal Note: A very touching story! The song sounds good, too!

*Credits to the-sun, gztv, and TrueStarHongKong

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  1. Thanks for posing this, hyn5! Steven is for sure the best siu sang singer!