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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lawrence Ng Comments on "The Hippocratic Crush II" Co-stars


Lawrence Ng: "Really do not understand why they always like to sow discord...gossip magazines that randomly write and make up things, and there are also some people who choose to believe it! I am a person who does not like to argue with others, but also not one to be bullied around. I am clarifying here right now. Every cast and crew member of 'The Hippocratic Crush' and I have been getting along really well...enjoying the filming process right now. Thank you for giving me this time's pleasant work experience! [yeah]

Returning to TVB to film series this time, the feeling is extremely good. The reason is that everyone is very hardworking and really puts his or her heart into doing it! First talk about Ma Jai [Kenneth Ma]. He is the most hardworking one...always sufficiently prepared, familiar with the script, very clear about his own role, and he is modest and polite...is a good partner who is both professional and likable! If you must say that we are on bad terms, then it can only be said to be the slight misunderstandings in the series!

Apart from Kenneth who is worth praising, the young Emei junior in the past, Tavia Yeung [applause], also makes me feel relaxed and comfortable when working. She is a good partner who knows how to care about others, and she is also quite humourous and has a cheerful personality. When she is around, the atmosphere is particularly happy! Yesterday, when filming, it suddenly rained. She even held the umbrella for us, and also said that it ought to be done by a woman! Her man is too blissful! [haha][give strength][commend]

Actually, already haven't encountered good partners like them for a long time! When waiting to film, they would discuss the script with you and study the role. Their interest in acting is that deep! Although we still have not filmed the climax of the series, I can be sure that I have benefited significantly!"

Personal Note: Looking forward to the sequel! :D

On another note, Lawrence said that he will be filming another TVB series in the summer; he also collaborated with the three female leads before!

*Credits to Weibo

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