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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ada Choi Gives Birth to Second Daughter



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On March 25th, Ada Choi gave birth to her second daughter, Chloe Zhang Xiner (張信兒), weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Today, accompanied by husband Max Zhang, she left the hospital. Ada revealed that this time was a Caesarean section. When asked whether she would try for another baby, Ada laughingly said, "I'm not playing anymore! The Zhang family doesn't need to try for another baby. We wanted to give our eldest daughter, Zoe, a partner".

Ada gave birth to two daughters; how did Max reward her? Ada hurriedly said in a joking manner: "He said that he would serve me like a slave. I told him that he is the most blissful now...has a wife, a mistress, and a concubine". Max added that this time was the same as when giving birth to the eldest daughter...personally cutting the umbilical cord.

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Personal Note: Congratulations to the Zhang family!

*Credits to ACFC, mingpao, the-sun, appledaily, tungstar, i-cable, and Weibo

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