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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catherine Tsang Discussing Contract with Steven Ma


Steven Ma previously did not have a harmonious collaboration with TVB's Artistes Department, so he requested to have an early termination of his contract. However, allegedly, TVB Director of Drama Production Catherine Tsang had always invited him to return to the mother company to film series, but due to filming Mainland series, Steven turned down two schedules. However, producer Leung Choi Yuen frankly said that he has already found Steven to return to TVB to film the 30-episode series "Property Protector" in May, and also revealed, "Originally a modern series. Steven and Bobby [Au Yeung] were going to play brothers, but Bobby had acute pneumonia earlier...also not finished filming "Always and Ever"...has to rest, so turned it down. Now, rewriting the script...changed it into a pre-modern series. Evergreen Mak is taking over. The female lead is Tavia Yeung. Will also have location filming in Foshan and Qingyuan. (Has Steven's contract been taken care of?) Okay! Including him. He has to try out his look. We have already arranged for him to get measured...getting the clothes remade".

Not Awkward When Encountering Virginia Lok Again

When reporters called Steven, he said, "What! Wait for our contracts to be taken care of first! (Did Catherine come out to help you discuss the contract?) Yes. From a year before I left the company, she had already wanted me to return to film series. Catherine is my mentor. She is taking care of the contract for me". When asked whether he had parted on bad terms with the Artistes Department and whether he had communicated with the Artistes Department executive Virginia Lok, he frankly said, "Don't say 'parted on bad terms'. Everyone is an adult. (Would it be awkward encountering Virginia?) There is nothing now! I am only an actor. Back then, I signed a management contract. It's not that now. Not caring about other things".

Bobby frankly said that, before accepting "Always", he had already accepted this series, but did not expect an accident to happen. He laughingly said, "On the eighth, I also have to depart for location filming. If also accepting this series, it would follow immediately! Actually, I have already recovered, but want to rest for a few months. Uncle Choi is also very considerate. Catherine said that health is the most important!"

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Personal Note: Hope that Steven's role is more mature and different from his usual righteous characters this time around!

*Credits to orientaldaily


  1. That is exactly what i hope - no more righteous character, please, more depth and more variable in terms of emotional expression...no more same old, same old man of the house.

  2. If want to watch Steven in a villain role then should watch his recently aired mainland series 《缘定终生》formerly 鴛鴦佩 on Hunan local tv station, where he has dual roles. The is scheduled to air nationwide on Anhui Satellite Channel in September. For the weeks the series was aired on Hunan local tv station, it ranked #1 in ratings among Hunan tv stations.

    For episodic summary and transcript go to http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/

    That being said, yeh, hopefully Steven's role is fresh and not an old hat.
    Looks like Catherine has dealt a heavy hand with her friendship card to get Steven to shoot a tvb series, being pressuring him since early last year. But it is heartwarming to read just how excited Uncle Choi was at getting Steven back again to film a series with him. So between them both, one hard one soft, Steven can only repay his gratitude debt to them. haiz!