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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"War and Beauty II" Filming Sales Presentation @ "Scoop" Clip

"War and Beauty" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2003

Personal Note: Interesting that Ada is playing a palace maid in this Sales Presentation as well.... ;)

Don't want to watch another version of "War and Beauty", but definitely want to see Ada and Sheren collaborate! :D

Hope that the light makeup is kept for the actual series.... :)

*Credits to adachoi.org


  1. Just for Ada and Sheren collaborating, this will be a must-watch series for me.

    Hyn, can you tell me who Sheren is talking about - that she wants to work with?

  2. To Advo:

    Sheren wants to work with Kent Cheng, who is currently filming "King Makers".

  3. Funny how sheren was making fun of Moses for dating in HK

  4. I also don't want to see a WAB sequel at all.

  5. OMG so excited Yu Fei is back woot! Truthfully WAB is still my most favorite performance my Sheren! Pity is that she didn't win best female actress with this role due to TVB politics!

    Anway I also agree with Sheren regarding getting Kent Cheng to film this series he has lots of authority and the dialogue between him and Sheren would be very intriguing! ^.^

    I remember Ada was originally in the sale clips for WAB as well but in the end she wasn't part of the actual series which is sad cause she did a great job in the sale clip already!

  6. Agree with you hyn5! I just want to see Ada and Sheren work together!