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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Curse of the Royal Harem" TVBI Trailer

Personal Note: Seems as though Jessica is "The King of the Phoenixes" in this trailer.... ;)

Still think that Jessica and Myolie are not very suitable for ancient, whether it is their look or speech....

Looking forward to Nancy's performance! :D

The air slapping is quite hilarious! Ha ha.... :P


  1. The make-up is too much. Myolie and Jessica don't have those classis look to play such characters. I still prefer WAB, Gigi, Charmaine, Leung Jing, Maggie and Sheren look so beautiful in their Qing costumes.

  2. I also find that Gigi Wong's doesn't seem to suit the ancient era...not sure if it is her voice -- because she gives me the feeling that she has a westernized tone haha .. or if tis her look. they comparatively simplified her appearance a lot more compared to how much make up they did on myolie and jessica. then again everyone seems to have a lot less makeup compared to the two

  3. I hate it, it's like a cope from Beyond the Realm of Conscience,where women fighters for the kingdom-.- and then we have Myolie who can not fit the look...

  4. ohhh this seem so promising...i sure hope it wont be anything like beyond the realm of conscience

  5. Um, I felt like I just saw the whole series in that one trailer -.-

  6. ^Or if you saw BTROC then you've probably already seen it all. TVB's palace dramas do not vary much at all. Just like their family dramas are copies of each other with new casts.

  7. I thought this was a cosmetic ad, good lord the amount of makeup Jessica and Myolie wear!!!

  8. LOOLED at the makeup comment. i totally agree, the make up is waaay to heavy and its not like myolie and jessica are pretty. i am so looking forward to nancy's role!
    this is exactly like beyond.. im gonna try to first ep and if it sucks then i give up. stick with FH3, that has nancy who is doing amazing! :)