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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Niki Chow Substitutes for Anita Yuen: Playing a Policewoman


Niki Chow will be partnering with Michael Tse to film the new series "Policewomen Ambition".

TVB's siu sangs and fa dans have been going up north, causing the lack of siu sangs and fa dans to be like one disaster after another. Outsiders are an alternative plan. The new series "Policewomen Ambition" (temporary title), which will film in November, initially planned to have Anita Yuen partner with Michael Tse, along with the carrying of new siu sangs and fa dans to bring in new blood. However, there was a sudden role change because of Anita's scheduling problems; thus, Niki Chow will be taking on the role. Anita's original tailor-made role has been altered, and the script has also been changed to accommodate Niki's personality.

Producer Changes Script for Niki Chow

Producer Nelson Cheung said that "Policewomen Ambition" is the policewomen version of "Beauty Knows No Pain"; it will use the angle of policewomen and different perspectives to look at the issues that modern women experience in society.

Originally, "Policewomen Ambition" had Anita partnering with Michael. Nelson invited Anita to take part; she was also interested in the role, but had to reject it because of scheduling problems. In the end, Niki will be filling in as the female lead. Nelson said that Anita and Niki are entirely different types; thus, after Niki agreed to take part, there had to be a major script change so that the role is tailor-made for her. As for male lead Michael, due to the filming of the movie 《潛罪犯》, his schedule will be rather tight; however, the chance of him filming "Policewomen" is high...then it will be hectic for him.

Refreshing to Partner with Michael Tse

Nelson said that "Policewomen" is of the comedic genre; there will also be cases that discuss the topics of modern women's work and lifestyle. Niki has an affinity with the audience; television performances also have a fresh feeling, so she is suitable for the role. As for Niki, this is the first time in which she will be portraying a policewoman role; it is also a cool policewoman. Her pairing with Michael is also something new. Niki will be upgrading to a sister level, as she will be leading subordinates William Chak, Matthew Ko, etc.; their roles also have much to do, so this second tier of artistes hopes to make an impression on the audience.

Personal Note: He he.... A policewomen version of "Beauty Knows No Pain"? :P

Since the script will be altered to fit Niki's personality, guessing that her role will be a modern version of Sap Yi Mui.... o_O'

*Credits mingpao


  1. i have such mixed feelings for this...i'm SUPER happy to see niki in another drama and i really dno't care what she plays, i'm happy for her...but not with Michael Tse please...gahhh he's such an arrogant and cocky person and i hate seeing him after all his laughing gor characters....why can't she be in some other drama with any other siu sangs?!? :( saadd

  2. @Rachel: Didn't Niki just film for TVB in the new year?

    @hyn5: Will she be playing a madam leading William and Matthew? What is with TVB casting young Fa Dans to play madams lately? Fala in LOO, Kate in FH3, and now Niki?

  3. @Guru hahah My Cruel Lover? yeah she did, but i'm still excited that she's filming more hahha as you can probably tell, i'm a die hard niki fna hehehe

  4. I was wondering what happened to Niki after "My Cruel Lover" since she signed a short contract with TVB. So, she'll most likely film this series since she's not in anything else and Niki expressed she wanted to develop her acting career.

    Eh. I'm not too keen on the genre. It kinda sounds like AR - female police stuff. I wonder how this will turn out...

  5. this is awesome news!!! Niki Chow suits comedy roles... and she's quite pretty.

  6. I like Niki but I don't know why they have to tailor-make roles for her... first with My Cruel Lover and now this? I mean, I can see if they have to adjust the age in the script but shouldn't acting require people to actually act? lol

    I didn't really like Beauty Knows No Pain but I still look forward the the Michael/Niki pairing.

  7. Yes there's a streak of young fadans being policewoman lately. Fala in Omission, Kate in Forensic 3, Linda in Lucky Father and now Niki in this. Will this resemble Crackdown modern version?

    I wonder when will Cruel Lover aired

  8. To Guru:

    Yes, Niki should be playing a higher ranked cop (i.e., a madam).

    To Tracy:

    Niki is confirmed for the series; she previously said that she would be filming a series at the end of the year.

    Doubt that this series will be like "Armed Reaction", since this series is a comedy.

  9. So this was the series Niki mentioned that she will be filming at the end of the year. As Rachel, I'm glad to see her in another series but I would be happier if it was another male lead. Not really fond of Michael Tse (not even before the whole Laughing-gor craze).
    But she mentioned she will be filming another series next year too. Hopefully, it would be with a siu sang near her age...like Ron, Raymond, Bosco etc. I reckon it would be more refreshing as Niki has always been paired up with older actors like Kevin, Moses and now Michael.

  10. So Niki Chow or Fala Chen preferred as a Madam? They both look like the same type of girl - features wise and age wise. Personality wise I think Niki is more tom-boyish and outgoing, whereas Fala's more reserved.

  11. I also have a feeling the character will be a modern version of SapYiMiu which will be nice to see.

    I wish other HK tv stations can make a drama that actually focused on two madams. AR although the name had policewoman was more focused on the guys!

    A real drama focused on policewomen and the best I've seen so far is still ATV's Pretty Police Woman with Alice Chan and Anita Lee as sisters! although Anita Lee's role was more happy go lucky both were very competent and were the focus in the cases!

  12. If anyone interested in watch or curious. what I'm talking about.

  13. To sport3888:

    The first installment of "Armed Reaction" was more focused on the females; however, since Bobby's character became the most popular, and because of Esther's departure from TVB, Bobby naturally became the central focus in the later installments.

    Actually preferred the female cop series "Lady Super Cops" over "Pretty Police Woman"; "Pretty" was just the ATV version of "Armed Reaction".