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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ron Ng's Bare Chest Wins Over Kate Tsui



ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Going 'bare-chested' is not only for female stars. Yesterday, Ron Ng and Kate Tsui went to Sha Tin for the ribbon cutting of a new Calvin Klein store. Ron, who was wearing a suit, arrived with a 'bare chest'...even sexier than the covered-up Kate, thereby attracting a large group of housewife fans to surround [him]. Ron laughingly said, "Forgot to wear a shirt. For today, leave the deep V to me!" Kate laughingly said that she must buy some undershirts for Ron to prevent exposure.

Kate also responded toward Johnnie To apparently teasing her for having had plastic surgery: "I am being slandered. To Sir only said that he hasn't seen me for a while...a big girl now. Bothered To Sir this time...must treat him to dinner to say sorry". She emphasized that she did not have plastic surgery. Will get surgery when there is a need to in the future.

Ron Ng's Deep V Steals Spotlight from Kate Tsui


Ron Ng and Kate Tsui were ribbon cutting guests for a brand name store. Ron was dressed in a suit with a deep V; reporters laughingly said that Kate was not as sexy as he was. Kate said, "My outfit was provided by the event organizer. Originally, the zipper was supposed to be zipped up to the throat...about the same! Leave it to Ron, as he has become fitter recently". Ron immediately laughingly said, "Leave it to me! Deep V".

Personal Note: He he.... The return of Ron's deep V! :P

Liked Kate's zipper comment! :D

*Credits to the-sun, orientaldaily, and mingpao


  1. haha, love this couple <3

  2. Both Kate and Ron look good at this function! I love Ron's deep V! :D And I really like Kate's bangs! Hen hao kan!