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Friday, October 21, 2011

"Curse of the Royal Harem" Opening Theme Video & Sub Song Preview

"Curse of the Royal Harem" Opening Theme Video

"Arrangement of Fate" - Susanna Kwan

各安天命 《萬凰之王》 主題曲 - 關菊英

作曲/監製: 鄧智偉
填詞: 林日曦
編曲: Johnny Yim

看 雷暴間風勢也逆轉
誰知 際會只因緣

女或男 武或文 富或貧 決定場景
失去或得 降或升 勝或輸 人聽命


看 雷暴間風勢也逆轉
人生 怎修正都並未如願
看 存活間激發了恨怨
人間 際會只因緣
誰知 結局怎麼完

"Curse of the Royal Harem" Sub Song Preview

"Nature's Creation" - Myolie Wu

天造地設 《萬凰之王》 片尾曲 - 胡杏兒

作曲/編曲/監製: 葉肇中
填詞: 宋沛言

承諾過 說的話
離別時 就察覺痛傷吧
難道我 做錯嗎
這份情 消失於天國嗎

突破 框架
曾刻寫過動人 字句


含淚說 說謊話
凝望時 未會對你坦白
其實愛 絕對嗎
這份情 終得到苦澀嗎

Repeat *##

遙望去 看天下
愛共情 是否分黑與白

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Personal Note: Like the theme song, as it is reminiscent of ancient songs in the past, particularly the theme song of "The Condor Heroes 95". Glad that Susanna sings the theme, as it is quite difficult to sing.

From the preview of the sub song, not too fond of it, but look forward to hearing the full version.

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. @hyn5: I hear what you mean! There is that one line in the themesong that sounds like "The Condor Heroes 95"! I only liked that series for the themesong! BTW, I absolutely love Susanna Kwan! :D

    I'm not liking the sub song so far. It doesn't fit Myolie's voice or something, but I'll wait to hear the full version before I say more.

  2. i dont understand chinese so i can't really critic on the singing or the song BUT the opening looks cool. i can't wait for it to release. i sure hope it doesnt turn BTROC

  3. For arrangement of fate, can i have the english translation?