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Saturday, October 8, 2011

43rd Ming Pao Awards Nominations


Nominations - Music

Most Outstanding Album

Joyce Cheng 《有故事的人》
Eason Chan 《Stranger Under My Skin》
Chet Lam & Shin Wong 《花訣》
Khalil Fong 《15》
Ivana Wong 《Cinema of Love》

Most Outstanding Male Singer

Eason Chan 《苦瓜》
Eason Chan 《六月飛霜》
C All Star 《天梯》
William So 《那誰》
Pakho Chau 《黑》

Most Outstanding Female Singer

Joyce Cheng 《有故事的人》
Mag Lam 《洗澡》
Fiona Sit 《字花》
Miriam Yeung 《斗零踭》
Joey Yung 《花千樹》

Most Outstanding Music Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Johnny Yim, Ronald Ng, Tang Chi Wai, Chris Bao, Ben Chong & Fergus Chow 《有故事的人》 Producers
Chung Ching 《天梯》 Lyricist
Shu Man, Kay Huang, Chung Hsing Min, Joseph Ip & Xiao Ke 《Stranger Under My Skin》 Producers
Pakho Chau 《黑》 Composer
Alex Fung & Chet Lam 《花訣》 Producers

Nominations - Movies

Most Outstanding Movie

"Overheard 2"
"A Beautiful Life"
"Wu Xia"
"Reign of Assassins"

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Louis Koo "Overheard 2"
Daniel Wu "Overheard 2"
Kenneth Tsang "Overheard 2"
Tony Leung Ka Fai "Bruce Lee, My Brother"
Teddy Robin "Merry-Go-Round"

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Sandra Ng "I Love Hong Kong"
Shu Qi "A Beautiful Life"
Miriam Yeung "Perfect Wedding"
Karena Lam "Lover's Discourse"
Nora Miao "Merry-Go-Round"

Most Outstanding Movie Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Felix Chong & Alan Mak "Overheard 2" Directors
Andrew Lau "A Beautiful Life" Director
Barbara Wong "Perfect Wedding" Director
Peter Chan "Wu Xia" Director
Yan Yan Mak & Clement Cheng "Merry-Go-Round" Directors

Nominations - TV

Most Outstanding TV Programme

"Neighborhood Gourmet"
"Ghetto Justice"
"Lives of Omission"
"No Regrets"
"Action to Money"

Most Outstanding TV Male Artiste

Kevin Cheng "Ghetto Justice"
John Chiang "Grace Under Fire"
Wayne Lai "No Regrets"
Michael Tse "Lives of Omission"
Bosco Wong "Lives of Omission"

Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste

Sheren Tang "No Regrets"
Myolie Wu "Ghetto Justice"
Linda Chung "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"
Kate Tsui "Lives of Omission"
Fala Chen "Lives of Omission"

Most Outstanding TV Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Terry Tong "Ghetto Justice" Producer
Lee Tim Sing "No Regrets" Producer
Cheung Wah Biu "No Regrets" Screenwriter
Chong Wai Kin "Lives of Omission" Producer
Felix To "Action to Money" Creator

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